Software update

I’m waiting for my Percussa module so I try to be prepared about it :slight_smile:
About the software update I’d like to know if, in order to get the software fully updated, I have to download and install just the last software or all the updates posted on this forum?
(Sorry for my English, try to do my best)
Thanks a lot

Correct. The latest version is available on this forum You download it. unzip it and copy it to thee SD Card. There has been one release with special formatting instructions, but these are clearly explained.

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one small ‘addition’

if the SSP has a much older version i.e. without usb audio support (so pre: 23-07-2019) (*) then you will first need to install the ‘big update’

then you can install the latest update after this.

(*) you can fairly easily see if this is necessary.
load up the input module (INP) , it shows all the input channels, if the labels include USB, then USB audio support is present - and so above update is already on the SSP.


thanks a lot Tecnhnobear and Titaanzink