Software update procedure [read this when you take your SSP out of the box!]

I thought I’d write up the software updating instructions again for those who just got their SSP.

Before you get started:

  • The microSD card that comes with your SSP can be updated to the latest software version, but before you do that, you should always run your SSP with the card in the box first, just to confirm your card and SSP work fine.

  • Do not remove your SD Card from the SSP while it is running as you run the risk of corrupting the card. Always turn off the SSP before you remove the card. This means you have to turn off your eurorack case, or if you are using row power, turn off the row power module the SSP is connected to.

  • There is only one way to insert the microSD Card into the SSP. If it doesn’t slide in easily, just flip it around and try again. Do not force the card into the slot and make sure you insert the card into the slot, not into the gap between the card slot and the front panel.


Where to get an SD card reader:

Instructions for updating the software:

  • put the card into your computer’s card reader
  • if you get any warnings or dialog boxes asking to format the card, simply ignore the warnings and click cancel so they disappear. DO NOT format the card.
  • on Windows you will see multiple drive letters appear, just ignore them for now.
  • visit and look for the latest software update (we always pin the latest update, so it should be at the top, at the moment this is update 22042019).
  • look for the download link in the update and click on it, for example
  • download the update file and unzip it onto the BOOT partition (windows) or the BOOT drive/volume (Mac OSX)
  • you will get a warning that the SYNTHOR file will be overwritten. Confirm and overwrite the file.
  • Eject your SD card (Mac OSX) or use the safely remove hardware option in the tray (windows)

Do not forget to safely eject your card as you might corrupt the card which will make the SSP fail to boot!



Some software updates might come with presets or sample collections. In that case the update will contain links to download these as ZIP files. Repeat the above procedure and unzip these files onto your card.

Presets go into the presets/ folder on the BOOT partition and samples go into the samples/ folder.

Keep in mind that if you have already created presets, you might have to first rename the preset files to avoid overwriting existing preset files. The same goes for your samples.

For example, if you have a preset with file name 004.pbp you want to keep, but the example preset is also called 004.pbp, you might want to rename it to 005.pbp before putting it on the card.

Always remember to safely eject your SD card before you pull it out of your computer.

If you have any questions or if something is not clear let me know.