Software and development expectations

Given the posts from today and yesterday I feel it’s important to be clear about the expectations regarding the SSP’s software development:

The development of the software started years before we launched the kickstarter for the SSP, and is functional and usable as-is, although we know some features need to be added and some bugs here or there need to be fixed.

If we had to develop all the software within the kickstarter the project would have been impossible to begin with. The hardware is a complex piece of electronics, then there is the operating system, the drivers, and then there is the main application running on top of it. Think about all that for a moment.

I understand some information about how to use the software is missing, and that is why we set up this forum.

Those who pre-ordered outside of the kickstarter campaign joined a kickstarter project and should keep that in mind. You got your hardware before (!) the software has been fully delivered. We’re not done with the campaign yet.

The priority is to deliver what was promised in the kickstarter campaign and the reference for that is the kickstarter page and the voting results for the stretch goal modules. Beyond that, we will do our best to handle reasonable requests for features or bug fixes.

We’ll post the first update as soon as we’re done with it.