SHQ : Sample Hold Quantizer, by TheTechnobear

shq - sample and hold, with quantizer

sample and hold module with optional quantizer and tranposition

Download : here

Documentation : here

Developer: TheTechnobear

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congrats on the release @thetechnobear, looks great!

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Having a very pleasant afternoon playing with SHQ - using NOI, noise as cv input and LFO saw to trigger SHQ and producing a nice stream of random voltages to plug into an external VCO. I’ve noticed, not a moan just interested, the voltage range of outputs appears to be approx +2.5V to -2.5V. - is that what we would expect? scaling at default 1.

Question - I’ve like to reduce the output range - I’ve used scaling to reduce the output - that makes sense right?

Another observation worth mentioning for info, is initially the NOI settings had the ‘toggle’ setting low, producing +/- 3V output - winding the toggle up toward the very top I’m getting +/- 4.8 approx.

Tomorrow - add in scales! to the experimentations :grinning:

AND big thanks TB for this module! :smiley: :smiley:


cool, having fun is the main goal :slight_smile:

you mean from the internal random generator (ie. no sig connected)
shouldn’t be :

v = (randomGen_.nextFloat() * 2.0f) - 1.0f;

this should definitely be, -1 to 1 , so therefore +/- 5v

if your talking about NOI, I’m not sure , have not checked… but you could scale it up if that’s what your seeing.

I’ll be honest, the internal random on unconnected SIG is really just a quick n’ easy thing, I’d say there is more fun generating a signal (with NOI/LFO) and perhaps even filtering it… to get the ‘control’ you want.

this is a good question
yes, you can scale it up or down the input or output voltages if your using unquantisedvoltages. and that’s why I’ve not added this functionality inside the vst (it be duplicating what the SSP can already do)

however, IF you are quantising the you should scale and offset the input voltage to get the range you want…
I’d not recommend scaling/offsetting the outputs at the moment (due to the way the SSP currently not using an ‘idealised’ voltage i.e. 0.2 is NOT an octave)

sorry, I’ve not really looked at NOI output range much… sounds like a different topic :wink:
(raise a new post… also mention if you are using OUT rather than internal voltage, as that is significant :wink: )

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The output signal of NOI module, both white noise and toggle, don’t cover entire range.
So, you need scaling the signal if you want to cover the entire range.

And, yes!! SHQ is awesome!! I want to say thanks to @thetechnobear too!


yeah, maybe the NOI is filtered, so that would likely attenuate it slightly.
(as above, the internal random in the SHQ is not filtered, so should be full range)

usually, Im using these noise for subtle tiny random fluctuations, so I have them attenuated right down.
tip: with SHQ, you can just send the attenuated NOI into SIG 1, and its normalled to the other SIG inputs.
(I was inspired with how RndStep works … as I find this a really useful module)

anyway, Im pretty much always scaling and offsetting inputs and outputs on the SSPs network screen, I find it one of the coolest features of the SSP.
(of course, and alternative is to use a VCA, and then you can slowly modulate the attenuation which is a cool thing too)