Setting SSP's Oscillators & Samplers to 0 Hz

A few questions here:

  1. Can the base frequency of both the WTO and the LFO be set to zero Hz?
  2. Is there Linear FM on the WTO? I know it’s possible on LFO…
  3. Can the Linear FM on the WTO (if available) and LFO pull the oscillator frequency into negative values (thru-zero FM)?
  4. Can the SAM or GRA playback speed be set to zero, effectively freezing the playback at a certain point in time?
  5. If frozen, does the SAM or GRA module hold whatever its last amplitude value was at its output?

To be clear with 4) and 5), I’m not talking about spectral “freeze” a la the Electro-Harmonix freeze pedal, I just mean literally pausing playback at a certain time point in the buffer because playback speed is set to zero…

Thanks everyone!


@dan Just a few quick answers:
1: Yes - Output of the LFO in that case is a DC value and dependent on the the starting position of the waveform. E.g. Sine is 0V, Saw is -5V
2: WTO does have the same Freq and Pitch inputs for modulation as the LFO.
3: No idea about TZFM TBH. I haven’t heard anything about it in the SSP context.
4: The SAM is essentially a one shot sampler. You trigger it and it plays from the Start position for the Length setting. FYI - Length can be set to 0.
5: Not sure about this one. The SSP records CV signals and the SAM can play these back, so that should be the case I guess. The SSP treats CV and audio signals the same throughout the machine. Where you can send audio you can send CV and vice versa. This also counts for all Inputs and Outputs (including those over USB)
Hope this helps you on your way. There are a few gaps still relating to your questions. Perhaps someone else can step in to clarify those.

@titaanzink has answered most of this, so there may be some repeat info here… and some extra :slight_smile:

yes, but WTO see below


the LFO works with TZFM,
the WTO does not… in fact I noticed when I took the WTO to zero, it seems to stop, and not want to restart until you take it up to about 100hz
this is possibly a bug or rather a use-case that was not considered, worth perhaps discussing with @bert if this could be a feature improvement
(generally TZFM is not an issue in the digital domain, since you just run the phasor backwards)

SAM seems to be do it without issue
GRA, I kept tripping over myself, not quite sure why…
I really didn’t have time to set up the patch as id want it to get the control i needed, so it didn’t do quite as I expected with zero freq.
(however its not normally something id use, since Id prefer to just trig the granular myself manually rather than stop it as such)

SAM yes,
GRA seem to reset but that could just be the way I set it up…see above.

probably it would be better to describe what it is you are trying to achieve, as with modular and the SSP there are many ways to achieve similar results e.g. trigs on GRA, scanning start pos.

is 4/5 about recording/playback of cv?, in which case, yes, Ive done this pretty effectively.

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thanks for your thoughtful answers both!

Yes that makes sense. But, if a sample loaded into SAM was set to loop mode in the P page (and not in one-shot mode), it sounds like setting the playback speed to zero would effectively pause the playback of the buffer, unless I’m mistaken? :wink:

Sort of yes. I’m thinking of using long samples as custom amplitude envelopes, so having the ability to “hold” the playback feels important to work out :sunny:

Can I ask you to clarify: by setting it to zero, do you mean, just setting the base WTO Frequency to zero with the encoders causes WTO to “stop” until reset to 100hz or so? Because it seems that bipolar Linear FM would be able to pull the WTO’s resultant frequency to zero in some contexts, after volt/oct, FM, and encoder offsets are summed…

hmm, I think something like zadar uses loop points for sustain sections, not just a static cv which would be fairly ‘uninteresting’.

so far, Ive just been doing one shots for long modulation cv, but Ive been meaning to play with this a bit… but if it doesn’t work as i want, I’ll build something :wink:

(I’ve been also meaning to look for a good/interesting source of modulation loops/envs)

yes, i know the normal use case we are talking here, is modulation via bipolar thru zero…
so, i was talking about using freq cv offset… its seems to stall the output regardless of how you approach zero, via coarse tune or via cv.

(to be clear, the lfo coarse tune does stop at zero as well, so you can only go below zero via fine tune or a bipolar cv… I use the later)