Sequencer GUI


I wondered how you all use the STE step sequencer.
When playing around yesterday, I realized that I have a hard time to spot where I place my gates, signals.

Would you also agree that different colored steps would help orientation?

For example, every 8 or every 16 step, the step could have a different, distinguishable color, and the step in the very middle could even have another color than the rest.

Personally I feel this would help me big time.

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I don’t use it anymore , I use CART :wink:

ok, thats a bit incomplete…
STE is useful if you need more than 16 steps, but I honestly tend to find it hard to handle this over so many multiple pages.
so if its a longer sequencer, I tend to use another eurorack module with more hands on control (Frap Tools USTA) , or an external sequencer (Squarp Hapax)

on the SSP itself, I lean towards CART, which has so many ways to ‘vary’ the sequence… which plays more to modular’s strengths (imho)… and of course you can combine them!

dunno, perhaps one day, I’ll write a linear sequencer
Ive vague ideas in this area (not ready too reveal) , and would include ability to ‘build’ longer sequencers :wink:

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