Sd card max size

What is the Max size for SD card.
Mine is here tomorrow.
I got junkie XL’s off of reverb.
I do feel kind of bad not getting a new one to support this awesome company
But a deal is a deal.

It comes within a 32gb San disk extreme sd card (iirc).

It’s important it’s a very fast high quality sd card otherwise you will have issues.

The sdcard image provided is 32 gb, so by default that is all you will see available even if you have a bigger sdcard.

If you have Linux experience then you could start expanding or or creating file systems to make use of bigger cards…you could even use a usb drive.
However you’ll have to work out a way to access it from synthor.

For now I’d stick with the 32gb it’ll be enough to get you started :slight_smile:

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Thank you
32 gb will be fine for now
Finally getting it today can’t wait

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Happy patching … enjoy the journey.