Scaling/Offset encoders

Description of feature (short and simple):

change usage of encoders so they ‘match screen layout’ (on oscilloscopes)


Enc 1 = Input offset
Enc 2 = Output offset
Enc 3 = Input scale
Enc 4 = Output scale

change to :

Enc 1 = Input offset
Enc 2 = Input scale
Enc 3 = Output offset
Enc 4 = Output scale

How will this feature improve the workflow or experience for all SSP users (keep it short and focused):

I absolutely love this offset/scaling feature!!

my only one small ‘issue’ is I keep grabbing the wrong encoder to change the values :wink:

I believe it would be much more intuitive, if the encoders followed the same ordering as the screen.

on the screen for the oscilloscopes the layout is:
input/offset , input/scale , output/offset , output/scale

if the encoders followed the screen, I’d could easily remind myself which was which, by simply looking at oscilloscopes (which Im looking at to adjust scale/offset anyway :wink: )