Saving presets


When I want to save to a preset umber that doesn’t exist, how do you do that?
I mean, there a numbers that aren’t on the “factory preset” list (latest firmware).
Amd using WriN doesn’t seem to see those numbered gaps.


Use the save (write) new function / button on the global page. You can save up to 200 presets.

When you press the button, it will save the preset using the first available slot. If you have 000.pbp and 003.pbp on your card but not 001.pbp and 002.pbp, then it will choose 001.pbp as the new preset file / slot.

This preset-saving situation will be simplified in the near future (see other posts in the forum discussing this).

Thanks Bert, got it now!

My confusion was that saving that way seemed to not go to the next empty number, it goes to the first empty number!

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