Save multiple modules inside a single module that can be recalled for future use

Description of feature (short and simple):

The ability to save a cluster or combo of modules inside a single module, which can then be saved off as a preset module that can be loaded into other presets. This is basically a request to create the ER-301 “custom unit” or “mixer channel module”

How will this feature improve the workflow or experience for all SSP users (keep it short and focused):

This will greatly speed up patching workflow. How many times do we really need to wire up an input to an LFO to a Filter to an output? Wouldn’t it be great if this combo was already saved and ready to be placed in a patch?


so essentially, a nested cluster of tiles?

Yeah something similar to the ER-301’s custom unit

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We’re planning to add a feature that lets users store a patch as a file/template which can then be inserted/loaded into any other patch.


I think the initial description was more like a folder (or a subpatch in max).

Meaning, the template would be viewed as a single icon, which can be selected and moved about all at once.

(That layer of “group and hide” would potentially make complex systems easier to understand at a glance.)

But, even without that, templates sound like a great addition.


This requires the user to define inputs and outputs of a “sub patch” module, just like you have to do in max/msp, which will be a hassle on a device like the SSP. So this is another reason not to do it like that, and to just stick to templates you can insert into a patch.

There is also a performance penalty DSP wise to grouping modules into a subpatch which is then saved as a new module as the DSP hierarchy then becomes nested and multi-level rather than being just all one level.

I’ll see what I can do about all this when I have time to work on this feature.