What does the AUTO button do in the sampler?

this has just been answered here : Sampler questions

the button puts sample pitch lock ‘on’

(so your sample always plays at base freq)

(handy for drum maps)

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Still fail to simply play a sample in the original pitch and the parameters seem to be opposite of expected way, like the higher the pitch/freq the lower the samples pitch, I just don’t get it, really frustrated, if s one wants my SSP - kind of ready to sell — or will there be a learning curve for me to understand everything ?

Hang in there @SSPix!

We are the early adopters and riding the bleeding edge on the software development of this module.
Obviously @bert & @celine are actively listening and making very rapid iterations in the code which is very promising and reassuring to someone who has also bought this module in the hopes it will become an integral part of their modular setup.

Be vocal, speak up but remember to be kind and patient and understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day. :sunglasses::+1:

Please see this post for an explanation

Yes, that is unavoidable. The good thing is that there is now already a lot of info in the forum and some manual pages as well. If you have specific questions on certain things do a quick search to see if someone had your question as well, that way you don’t need to wait for an answer.

Are you sending your sampler a gate signal to trigger it? Keep in mind it now has 8 gate inputs as requested in the forum. So if you send your gate signal to the first gate input you have to make sure to load your sample in the first slot (there are 8 slots).

Other than that we are coding every day and there will be more updates coming. I am working on the sampler this week extending it to multichannel files @BrettSaberhagen

You might also want to have a look at the sampler manual. I updated the manual a couple of days ago and added a new example as well.


Shure will do that, didnt have the best day of achievements and will go back to manuals :notebook_with_decorative_cover:

I should have posted this in a question, to be fair, sorry.

True, I was tired trying that, that’s one reason I failed understanding

I read the instructions and actually looks like a functional relatively simple sampler compared to the possibility you could get out of a DSP Software/Hardware Sampler like the Assimilator by Rossum Electronics.
As it’s now I couldn’t see to come close to what it s capable 8 times, with all Parameters separatly for Each of the 8 channels.
The layout of this sampler, I m afraid, as 8 channels get summed together to 1 ! output with 1 ! pitch overall mainly featuring midi playability of a multisample like 8 different octaves of a piano sound, hey that’s really boring

The sampler module by itself is a component and not a full sampler. You can build all the functionality from the assimilator in the patcher grid (network editor), from multiple modules. You can use multiple sampler modules, LFOs, input and output modules, etc to do whatever you want.

If you want to have access to per-sample start/length/pitch and so on, you just put multiple sampler modules on the grid.

I don’t know if you installed the latest updates on your card but the sampler module now has 8 gate inputs and 8 outputs. Each sample which you load into a slot in the sampler module, can be triggered individually and output individually.

These changes were the result of your feedback (and others), by the way. Read the “sampler improvements” section on this update page -

@celine also updated the manual page for the sampler here on the forum.

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