Sampler questions

just turn the left encoder and click/push to select?

Yes, but how do I control that selection from outside of the sampler?
Sorry, if I was unclear – I meant, an input to the sampler when sending signals from another module.

the sampler has 8 slots to load samples into, and each slot has a different trigger input. You can use the SWI (switcher) module to route a gate signal to 8 different gate inputs of the sampler. The switcher module has a selection input which you can use to route the gate signal differently. There is a patch in the patch collection that demonstrates this.

background info -

It used to be long time ago that the sampler had a selection input, but the sampler was changed after feedback from the community, and the selection/switching feature was basically moved in a seperate module, the switcher module. The sampler then got seperate sets of modulation inputs for each of the 8 slots.

this bug has been fixed in the latest software update.

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Thanks, Bert!
So, does this mean that there is no way to load new samples from outside the module?
In practical terms, one has to load the 8 sample slots and then one can switch between them?

Will the sampler ever have a slice mode?

answered here - Loading your own samples & sample slicing
and also discussed in other threads here in the forum (use the search feature)

the sampler does not have a “trigger” input to load samples, if that is what you mean.
loading is done by manually choosing the sample in the list of samples on the P-page, and pressing the first encoder.

so yes, you load your samples into the sampler module and then you can switch between them. you can have as many sampler modules as you want in the grid and each module can load 8 samples.

the samples can have up to 8 channels each and you can play them in normal or multichannel mode (use the MCh toggle button). Multichannel mode means that the channels of the loaded samples are summed while normal mode means only the first channel of each loaded sample is used.

Thanks, Bert!

Speaking of multiple samplers, the switch module would seem to be a handy thing for this.
Is there a rudimentary expiation somewhere of how it works? I can’t seem to find it on the forum…

Typing in “switcher module” in the search bar (top right) gave me this result among other posts relating to the switcher module. Modules are described in software update posts when they are first introduced.

Thanks! I didn’t realise they aren’t in the manual or modules subsections, that’s where I looked.

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Gee, I can understand you. I would imagine that the manual will get some love when the dust settles on development. Writing a manual that is worth the effort to read, is a time consuming process, and one that B&C (I would imagine) don’t currently have time for.

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It would be great if someone in the community could pick up this task :slight_smile:

With a module that is so open ended and powerful, that is no small ask, but a community effort will lead to the best result. I don’t personally have the time or inclination for such a thing, but I would encourage anyone who thinks they might to give it a shot!

Hi all.
Rather than start a new thread I thought I’d add to this here.
I’ve got a couple of sampler questions and some sampler/recorder questions related to sampling that hopefully someone can help me with?
I’m looking to use the SSP as a sampler for some fairly long audio files, mainly relating to field recordings for these specific questions.

  1. What is the largest length/file size the sampler module can use or is this totally dependent on sd card size?

  2. From what I understand the sampler module has very basic sample editing parameters In today’s standards (or even my Emu from the 90’s) as it’s meant for basic sampling then patching to other modules to make a more tweak able instrument and the actual sample editing should be done in the recording section, right?

  3. So ideally I’d like to be able to go out with my recorder, record, come home, drop the sd card into the SSP edit my recordings and use them in the sampler…but I only see 3 editing options Normalise/crop/reverse, Which again seems extremely basic. What if there is some audio I’d like to remove from the middle of the recording? There’s no basic audio editing like cut, copy, paste, delete section, fade in/out, gain or slicing options. Is this something that will possibly be added in a later firmware update?

  4. I notice when zoomed in a bit on the sample waveform and I’m trying to move the encoder slowly to select sample start/loop points the waveform does this odd sort of flickering phasing effect and it’s almost impossible to see where I’m moving the curser to, has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks all

in reply to 4. : yes, it comes from the multichannel waveform - if you use a mono wave this isn’t the case // maybe you can disable the multich display too, not sure anymore, i think there’s an option, the last one

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Thanks Wave

I’ve just checked and it seems like the audio display in the recorder is indeed set as 2 channel stereo (for stereo recordings) but only displays (one) left or right channel at a time which you can toggle the view from left to right with the channel up down cursors although any editing is done to both channels. I can’t see any options in the recorder to enable or disable that to show multichannel display.
The sampler on the other hand seems to show multichannel waveforms but the wave forms are stacked right on top of each other so that seems to be what is causing the odd phasing effect when scrolling that I described in my original post, there doesn’t seem to be a way to change that display either as far as I can see.
Both of these display options seem very unintuitive for a sampler and audio editing display, the multiwaveform display in the sampler is almost impossible to use to find start and end points as as soon as you start scrolling the waveform seems to phase views between both channels and give the effect of the amplitude changing, as for the audio editing in the recorder the display only showing one channel waveform while you are editing both isn’t really that helpful either…unless maybe I’m missing something here which is always quite possible?
I’ll post my thoughts here but also try and find the relevant suggestions thread to post in too.
It seems such a shame to have that absolutely huge and colourful screen At hand and only have limited waveform visuals windowed in a screen that is only taking up a 3rd of the screen real estate and the waveform inside that window only utilising half of that window again. What would make more sense to me would be to have another waveform window, full screen, showing a stereo waveform (left and right channels) in a conventional way in their own separate lanes that you can access via scrolling to another page.
I really hope this reads as constructive criticism or just voicing of ideas as reading back through this it kinda sounds like I’m being a bit of a winge.

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Wondering if anyone can help me out with some sample start triggering problems I’m having?

So I’m trying to trigger indervidual drum hits from a 2 bar breakbeat loop (amen) using the input module routed to the sample start function In the sampler. The input is being triggered by inputting notes on my Nerdseq module. C0 is the lowest not I can input on the Nerdseq and that wasn’t quite low enough to trigger the first drum (the kick) so I dropped the bias on the input down a bit and then it’ll hit from C0. All good so far I think.
So now I can start dropping notes into the nerdseq and It will trigger the individual drums but it seems to slide from one note to the next in the sampler module And makes a sort of scrubbing/blip Sound instead of instantly playing from where the note is triggering. Almost as if the trigger has a release and slide to sort of function to it?
Has anyone else experienced this or can anyone recommend a way around this?
Maybe I’ll try it with the internal sequencer to rule out that it’s not coming from the Nerdseq but it doesn’t usually react that way with my other samplers so I’m guessing it something to do with the sampler module or a function I’ve missed somewhere.
Thanks in advance

remember the 8 sampler (notes/sounds) are spread over 8 octaves, so 1 sound/note is triggered by C0-B1 etc etc

also, i think you’ll need a gate instead of a trigger

first try/built your patch with the internal step sequencer & take it from there

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I was trying to recreate the old tracker style sample start offset type thing on a break, but from you’re reply I’m thinking maybe I’d be better off slicing the Break sample into 8 parts, loading them into the 8 slots and triggering them Independently from the sequencer.
The tracker offset thing is just a simple way to use one break and get the same effect without slicing the break or using multiple samples. Maybe I’ll revisit my original idea once I’m a bit more familiar with the ssp.
Thanks for you’re reply

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