Sampler feature to enable external sample select

There is the One from TipTop Audio
One feature is to select by cv the sample that will be played next so for example you could do random drumming …

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it has been suggested to just make a signal switcher module. so if the sampler has multiple outputs, you connect them to a signal switcher module, and then you can use a cv to select any of the outputs of the sampler. that would cover it? the advantage being that you can use the switcher module for other situations as well.


The approach I thought about was the input side

Like as in the ONE from TipTop on the microsd you have your list of samples and from the position you selected your sample like no# 25 you can select for the next gate by in-voltage signal wether the next, or fourth or eighth will be selected depending on the voltage .
The point was to be able to select from external a new sample of the list instead of having to dial manually before you play, which is a more static way

But it maybe complicated as the sampler provides 8 slots, which I still have to learn to handle/manage in it’s right way

this is a nice idea for a different module, since instead of slots you use the selection input to pick a sample file from a folder? the way the samples are played and loaded is very different internally in this case from how it’s implemented in the sampler right now.


+1 this would be a great new sample module called ‘bit-bucket’ that you could point at a folder on your SSP card and it could access all of the files contained with user selectable playback behavior like sequential, random, random no repeat, odd, even, etc…). I would definitely find a lot of use for just such a module in my work. :sunglasses::+1: