Sample Player - Pitch Bug? Op Backwards (ADDRESSED in 210718 update)

Hi! Latest posted OS…

I’ve loaded up a file I’ve recorded into the SSP.

Loading it up in the sample player, if i adjust the course and fine pitch controls… it’s having the opposite effect of what’s I’d expect. Increasing the pitch (either coarse or fine) slows it down/lowers pitch. Lowering the pitch control speeds it up/increases the pitch.


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as described in the announcement, the coarse/fine on the sampler is now called Tune coarse and Tune fine. You use these parameters to set the frequency / pitch of the sound you recorded. So if you recorded a piano and you played the A4=440Hz key, you would set this to 440Hz. If you played A5=880Hz you would set it to 880Hz. Internally the sampler uses this to play the sample at the correct pitch when you send it a pitch CV signal (from the midi module or from the input module).

This is why the pitch goes down as you turn up TuneC/TuneF.

The sampler still has a freq / pitch input, but no longer a frequency coarse/fine setting that would change the pitch of the sample if it is looping. If you need that I can add it. I thought that the pitch / frequency inputs would be enough but maybe there are cases where you just want to manually dial in an exact frequency / pitch of the sample when it’s looping (after you’ve set the original pitch using TuneC/TuneF)

Celine still has to point the manual topic for the sampler with the new info from the announcement.

yes, we’ll need it, esp. in drum maps/sounds which don’t play sounds over a whole lotta range

this is very confusing since all samplers i know of have a initial pitch (which pitch the sound was played when recorded) but also have a tune setting, where you can change the pitch of the sound, if you want the initial sound to be different as recorded

-whether looping or not doesn’t play in the equation here-


yes, but the feature is there already right now, I don’t know if my explanation was clear about that. You use the Tune C / F parameters now to set the original pitch of the sample.

You then use the frequency and pitch inputs to play the sample at whatever pitch you want.

BTW, the auto toggle, to make the sample track pitch or not, is still there.

I think this was my disconnect as I wasn’t using an external CV for pitch. I was just playing around.

Maybe it should be called 1VOTuneC and F?

It would be worthwhile to have additions traditional tuning controls (even if on another’s page) if you’re not using external CV… and doing standard pitch adjustments.

Do you mean you want to use the sampler in looping mode, without feeding it a pitch signal, and you have set its original pitch already, but now you want to change its playback frequency? if that is the case I have to add frequency coarse/fine besides only having the tuneC/tuneF like it is the case right now. You could then set the pitch/speed of playback manually while still being able to set the original pitch/speed.

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sounds standard functionality to me

If you are not feeding it a freq or pitch signal through its inputs you can still pitch the sample up or down using that tune C/F setting. If you want to set an exact pitch in frequency to play back at after setting the original pitch using tune C/F then it makes sense to have also a manual freq setting. Should i add it?

yes please do so @bert

ok, it’s in the upcoming build

I honestly don’t see when anyone would like to set the original pitch of the sample, since sample already has it’s original pitch and it is treated as 0. A simple bipolar offset to course tune and fine tune the sample would do just fine. The reason i said it is an offset is because it is an offset to the 1V/Oct input, which could be anything.

If there is a reason to go through setting original pitch of the sample and then doing the offset, please let me know. The only reasons I see is if you need a different range for a limited range sequencer or something, but then just an offset would do just fine.

It shouldn’t matter if sample is looping or not for pitch adjustment. If someone wants to keep the same length of the looping sample and change the pitch, then there should be an option to turn ON/OFF time stretching perhaps?

If you recorded a piano key, and you want to pitch it up or down correctly, you have to know what the original pitch was. In a lot of other cases it doesn’t matter and you can just tune it up or down as you wish. Having the tune C/F options doesn’t hurt.

Yes of course, looping or not has nothing to do with this. I’m working on the sampler this week and should have a new build ready in the coming days. When it’s done I’ll post it. You can then test it and see if it makes sense :slight_smile:

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+1 Great to hear @bert
Definitely looking forward to seeing the functionality on the sample tuning :+1:

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