Sample and Hold

While playing around with the ARP module the other day, I realised that the arpeggiator picks a value from its input as the starting point to step through its arpeggiator steps until it gets told to look at its input again and pick a new input value. It dawned on me that that is very similar to how a sample & hold works. When leaving the Step value to 0, the Length to 1 and hooking up a random input, the ARP works as a sample and hold.

In the attached preset, the elements on Page 1 provide the Sample & Hold circuit and the elements on Page 2 generate sound to demonstrate the S&H (S&H drives LFO Pitch through MTQ).

In the S&H circuit the random input is provided by the NOI(se) module and the gate/clock by a square wave LFO. (6.1 KB)


Thank you for sharing awesome tips!
Using your tips, I could make the function that I really wanted!
(S&H which can sync with gate signal from midi pad contorller)

Hold timing was synced when setting APR’s ratio to minimum, 0.01, and conecting gate signal to both ARP Clk in & Rst Gate.


@Handsonicsuki Happy to share! Even better that you put it to immediate use. That would have been my next try - to use an external gate. Thanks for demonstrating it in the video.

For everyone else: Please note that in the example patch I may have used a non-standard scale for the MTQ. If you don’t hear anything or just a single tone, go into the MTQ module and select one of the available scales on your SSP.