SAM random pitch fluctuations (VIDEO & AUDIO)

Bug description (state clearly and simply):
Pitch of samples in SAM wanders randomly when looping,
especially at loop points.

Steps to reproduce (use numbered list):
1 - make a patch with only a SAM and an OUT
2 - connect the SAM in stereo to OUT (enable outs 1 & 2 in OUT)
3 - load a sustained sample with a constant pitch
4 - turn on Loop in SAM P Page
Auto can be on or off.
Video is here:

Original sample is here:

The video shows the patch as well, just for clarity.
It’s super simple - no modulation is going on, no nothing.
Just a looping stereo sample in a new instance of SAM.

Software version (blank if unknown):
Type (major or minor):

In the video I cannot see your modulation inputs and outputs for both modules. Can you post a video or photos of those (need to see them all) or post the preset file (even better) so I can load it and try it here on my SSP?

I assume you did turn off the global reverb/delay sections?

I think the only conections he has is SAM —> Output, since it is on the first page, it is impossible to connect units on page 3-8 to page 1. There are no Input or Midi modules in the grid so it has to be just a looping sample.

possibly but I want to see what is enabled/disabled for inputs and outputs for both the SAM and OUT module. If I have the preset file, that is easiest.

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Yup, reverb and delay are off. Here’s the preset file: samtest

this problem should now be fixed in this update - Fix 03082018