SAM load button

Bug description (state clearly and simply): when pressing load in the SAM module, the sample is loaded but the sampler doesn’t jump to the next slot as described in the manual

also, when an empty slot is selected, the load button loads AND plays the sample, in consequent edits (when a sample is already present in the slot) the load button just loads the sample and doesn’t play (the new one) any more

Steps to reproduce (use numbered list):

  1. start with a SAM module
  2. go into P page
  3. select an (empty) slot
  4. select a sample with the encoders
  5. press load soft button

Software version (blank if unknown): 12112018

Type (major or minor): minor

the sampler doesn’t go to the next module anymore automatically, this is how it works now and this change was part of the request to change how the sampler works, a while ago.

the manual hasn’t been updated yet since we have been busy implementing features and modules. If you like you can go ahead and update it.

will do, but please check the behavior when pressing load when a sample is already present :slight_smile:

sample will not play

so when you have a sample, and press load to load another one in the same slot, this new sample does not play when you press play?

keep in mind that you have to hook up the output of the slot you are using to the output module. it does not play the sample just like that on the global output. If you didn’t connect the output of the sampler you won’t hear anything, same if you connect the wrong output for the slot you are using.

it sure does play when you press play

but it doesn’t play when you press load, only the first (empty) time you press load, it plays (also) the sample

-it is very handy when pressing load to also hear the sample, but that only happens when pressing load in an empty channel

ok good point, i’ll see if I can change this.