RVB or DLY connected to SAM

Bug description (state clearly and simply): when SAM connected to RVB or DLY i get some strange output possibilities (in DLY or RVB) like L:SAM: Pitch2 or L:SAM : Length6 etc - Is this a bug or intended behavior?

Steps to reproduce (use numbered list):

  1. in the grid insert SAM and RVB and/or DLY modules
  2. connect them
  3. look at all the output possibilities in a RVB or DLY module

Software version (blank if unknown): 12112018

Type (major or minor): minor

this is not a bug, the sampler has 8 slots and they all have there seperate modulation inputs, so it’s normal you get combinations that you might never use (but someone else might …)

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