can we have a prediction what is coming for SSP users?

what roadbook is on the table, what features to be realised in what timescale?

most important, when will the last promised Kickstarter advanced module be available?

many thanks


From my recent conversations with @bert , there is much going on on several fronts. This Coronavirus lockdown has also thrown a wrench into their activities.

Honestly, I think that it best to discover and use the power of the SSP as it stands now to not expect fresh developments over the next couple of months. This is not something that Bert told me expressly. I’m inferring it.


Please don’t go to Muffwiggler forum and spread false information. Thank you.
I’m working on a more thorough answer for you but would appreciate you not being disingenuous on another forum.


What Kickstarter module are you referring to? I was unaware there was anything outstanding in that regard.

As well, I presume you’re referring to wanting to see a bit of a development roadmap type thing.

It would be nice I agree, though even having had this piece of wonder for over two years now, I’m not without things to explore still.

Are there things specifically you’re wanting to have functionality wise? I’d be curious.

Sounds like our trusty moderator is exploring the answer. Yummy!

the one that’s voted for in the KS survey
(results) right here on the forum

if you search for LOOPER on this forum, you’ll get a pleiade of results

Hello all,

I apologize for the delay in responding to this recurring topic. I aim to have this reply stand as quasi-final and rather authoritative if there is nothing new to add in the coming months.

Bert and I had a lengthy discussion on this matter; a discussion that brought me up to speed on Percussa’s view. It is a view that I find to be reasonable. Our discussion was well over a week ago. However, I’ve been very busy with some deadlines and haven’t been able to write this nor post it for some time.

There is much to this discussion that I think frames matters well but are simply not needed to be brought in at this time as they would be diversions from the core facts, as explained to me by Bert.

• There will be a Looper module. The scope of what an SSP Looper will be, do, and provide will be entirely up to Bert and Celine.
• The term “Looper” is undefined and near-infinitely extensible to hold any number of dreams, wishes, features, and whatnot that a person can imagine.
• “Feature Creep” is certainly a real thing in any development and the SSP has already delivered FAR more than was ever promised, including the 3 Stretch Goals; about which, I’ll delve into now:

Additions to the stretch goals that were delivered:

  • This forum. This forum was created, hosted and launched at the request of a specific user and championed by a few supporters.
  • MPE as 1st stretch goals and then many additional user requests implemented.
  • 2nd and 3rd stretch goals: Bitcrusher, Sampler, Grain Delay, and all of the advanced modules that were voted upon by supporters were implemented and then enhanced beyond their original scopes.
  • The Sampler alone received 4 major upgrades that were user-requests and were beyond the original scope of the module; scrubbing being one for the more major complexities to be incorporated.
  • USB audio I/O and then increased to Multi-channel. Also well beyond original scope and at user request.

All of these things cost resources in time, money, and more.

The Looper will come. The delivery date, features, implementation and interface will be at SSP’s discretion.
There is much going on due to current events that are also demanding time and attention. Again, there is more than this but I find the above sufficient.

Although open dialog is encouraged here and on the Muffwiggler forum, falsehoods will not be tolerated, nor will manipulative, nor coercionary, nor emotional tactics.



Thank you for the message. I’m appreciating the forums and the SSP very much.
So I just want to ask the question out of curiosity. The SSP holds enormous potential for developers, and it seems that many kinds of modules could be made for the SSP. Is there actually a plan to get VST developers to sell their plugins in a SSP format?

I just wonder what the SSP could look like 3 years from now, and if a third party developer market is a possibility.

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Signaling @bert on this one. I’d LOVE to see Audio Damage, Mutable, and others do some development for the platform. There some slightly aged topics about this on the forum already. It wouldn’t hurt to poke other devs about this.

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A shame that development by Percussa will effectively cease after the loopers. Other developers don’t seem interested either. Not that the modules available won’t go a long way of course just that I’d envisioned the SSP getting continual updates to really capitalise on all the DSP power that was being shouted about. Not trying to provoke but kind of glad at this point I stuck with Kyma ( I was seriously considering an SSP )

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Source? I have read nothing that is even close to this statement. And please don’t feed the troll(s).

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The post from Kent a few above which basically says just that.

You’ll have to be more specific, as it “basically” says nothing of the sort that I can see. Please correct me!

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maybe you cannot see it because you are wearing shades?

if you read between the lines though…

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Err, ok I guess it comes down to perception. To me Kents message clearly says (paraphrased) that the developers have developed everything they said they would do excluding looper which will come at some point (but they won’t be drawn on when or what it will look like). The message makes it clear that development costs time and money and that they are concerned about feature creep. In other words, you have what you paid for; over to you now.

If you’ve interpreted that differently, fine, you’re entitled. I’m not trying to feed trolls here (or be a troll), I’m writing as an interested potential customer. Though I’m afraid if development stalls I would not consider purchase. A powerful system like this (SSP, ER301, Kyma, whatever) is really only as powerful as it’s continued development I think. I guess I’m just disappointed (should my interpretation be correct) though I completely understand the developers viewpoint.

With no actual mention of cessation of development, right?

Whatever way reading between the lines influences your purchasing decisions are your business, of course.

I asked if you had a direct-quoted source since someone else wants to “get the word out” as if it were a fact.

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I guess time will tell. I find it unlikely that you’ll ever get a direct quote but this seems the next closest thing. I’ve not got intentions to get word out, I just won’t purchase (as you say). Anyway, it’s clearly already a powerful device so enjoy it!

Sigh… I strive to use rather precise language when communicating as a representative.
There is not a single place wherein a suggestion was made concerning the cessation of development… AT ALL. Why was cessation not addressed? For the same reason that I didn’t write about what I had for dinner that evening; it was never part of the discussion.

@wavejockey, you are once again taking things far beyond a logical extension. I’ve run out of patience. Moderating your sour statements and falsehoods, here and on Muffwiggler, is not a sporting event or past-time in which I wish to engage. I’m going to simply delete emotionally driven rants that are decoupled from evidence.
I have a good degree of kinship with persons of a disagreeable nature. However, you go too far. I generally let people display themselves as they wish so that others can ascertain for themselves as to the way a person comports themself. I think that we can all agree that a sufficient amount has been displayed over many threads and months. There’s nothing new coming from you and now you freely use falsehoods and that’s not going to be tolerated. You are moving solidly into the territory of lies and slander. Stop yourself or you will be stopped for the betterment of this forum. Having your forum privileges intact is probably what you want but you’ve run out of chances.

@bert has extended every courtesy to you over the years, including havIng you visit him in the earliest days for a private presentation/walk-through/discovery of the SSP that nobody else was given. You’ve demonstrated a combative disposition since that time.

@Accumulate , I simply throw my hands up in exasperation.


@Kent I’m a bit disappointed at your exasperation towards me tbh. I don’t think what I wrote was rude or that my interpretation of your post was entirely unexpected. I think a lot of people would have read into what you posted re. feature creep and reached the exact same conclusions. If those conclusions are wrong great (!) but it sure sounded like a ‘don’t expect anything more’ post to me.

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It doesn’t read like development will stop cold.

When I read "• “Feature Creep” is certainly a real thing in any development "…

To me, that reads as some developers with throw every requested feature users pine for into the pot… turning it into a messy watered down ‘everything for everybody’ product which ends up becoming weaker since there’s no strong focus with any one aspect of the device.

@bert and @celine have every right to pick and choose what they want to add and/or refine. I highly doubt it’ll be end-of-road development as long as the module is being made. If they move on to some new thing then so be it. It’s unreasonable to expect endless new feature updates long after the module’s been out in the wild unless it’s a critical show stopping bug or something and requires a maintenence release…

I’ve seen a similar thing happen on the O|D forum where people will demand the 301 be more like product X or Y, or it needs to have feature Z. Brian always gives a hard ‘no’, a ‘maybe’ or a ‘yes’ depending on if the requested feature align with his grand vision of the module. I’d expect the same here. Features aside, bugs are addressed as that’s just refining the tools we have.

The SSP has already come so far since being unleashed, so I find it funny when people get all huffy over stuff like this.


Sure, I must have misinterpreted it then. It was the ‘and the SSP has already delivered more…’ part that to me read as intimation users should be happy with what they have and not expect more. I look forward to checking in in 6 months and seeing how far things have come.

As an aside, I think it’s to be expected that users and potential customers get huffy about things like this. It’s an expensive piece of kit and continued development will be important to many (though not all).