RNGS : Resonator, by TheTechnobear

Rngs : Resonator

rngs - an implementation of Mutable Instrument Rings for the Percussa SSP.

Download : here

Documentation : here

Developer: TheTechnobear

I develop these plugins for free, please consider supporting my efforts with a donation.


Cheers for great work, couple of Coffee’s sorted, keep you awake on your next SSP VST he he


This is awesome your the man. I’m trying to pay you but it’s having troubling connecting to this site.


I keep getting “error host is down” or something along those lines. I’m guessing it’ll come back online later.


Thanks @Martin

@FuzzedOut , @benlewis2017 - sorry, technical problems, appears to be back up now.

Just upon quick glance, if I instantiate multiple RNGs they seem to have the same naming as far as routing is concerned, is this correct or am I missing something?

This is true of all ssp modules.
Like other modules, usually this is only an issue if you want to route from one object ( eg midi) to multiple rngs, you can use the BUS objects.

I believe the following topic illustrates this.

Yep working now.

Thanks again

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Ahh yes, haven’t had this powered on in a while and forgot about that situation. Using multiple INs to solve that issue. Thanks for the reminder. Great port BTW. I did manage to crash it, but that isn’t so unusual for the SSP.


I’ve not had it crash…
If you can provide steps to reproduce, I can take a look and see if it’s within my vst or a broader problem.

I did have a scenario where after adding a second module one of the other ssp modules (svf) stopped producing sound… I saved the preset and reloaded, and it started working - so I was a bit unclear where the problem was.

Note: I’ve only had the SSP for about a week so I’m not that familiar with any quirks that occur during patching - it’s generally been reliable for me so far :slight_smile:

Rngs is very impressive. Thank you for your development.

I report that there is one bug.
Preset storage (WriPr) within Rngs saves all parameter values well. However, only ‘Model’ parameter is not saved.

When I turn off SSP and turn it on again, the value of Model parameter is always reset to zero.

I’d appreciate it if you could take a look at this.

Thank you.


Oops, easy to miss a parameter when doing this :slight_smile:

I’ve fixed in dev - once tested I’ll release an update and post here.


Thank you for accepting my feedback!

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Thanks heaps! Beautiful work. A double espresso extra strong is on your way. To keep you awake on those long nights coding away :smile:


released 1.0.1

new feature: add input gain
bug fix: model was not being persisted

under the covers I’ve also changed the code around quite a bit, reflecting changes I’ve made to support clouds.
in particular, Im now using the latest version of rings code from MI - however, these should not have any noticeable effect.


release 1.2.0

new features, and updated for the new SSP firmware