Reset the recording buffer position of granular module

Description of feature (short and simple):
Add gate input for moving the recording buffer position of live input to start position of the buffer on Granular module.

Granular module have live input and recording function, but the buffer recording position of live input is always moving and it cannot control position of recording buffer.

How will this feature improve the workflow or experience for all SSP users (keep it short and focused):
It can make more controllable live recording buffer.
For example, once drum loop was recorded from the start position of the live input buffer, it’s possible to loop by sequencer and looping sound can be mangled by grain setting.


interesting a couple of alternative to allow something similar:

  • just have a parameter which says when you hit record, always start at 0. (rather than circular recording)

  • have outputs that represent the current play and recording positions
    with the recording position you could then use s&h to know where your sample had been recorded.
    (I think this has quite a lot of creative uses :wink: )


great suggestion, thanks

This is just an idea.

Change the “Dub” function to “feedback ratio of the recording buffer volume”

Currently, the “dub” function is crossfading the recording volume ratio between input and the recording buffer.
But I want to feedback 100% volume of recording buffer and sum with input sound and record.
Then granular module may work like a granular looper.

This idea may not be suitable for the granular module, and may suitable for simple feedback looper.
But I’m a little interested in granular looper controlled with CV.

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