Replace OUT with BUS crashes synthor

Bug description (state clearly and simply):
Replacing an output module with a BUS module will crash SSP process.

Steps to reproduce (use numbered list):

  1. blank patch
  2. add INP and OUT module
  3. connect INP to OUT (important its fully connected)
  4. replace OUT with BUF

bang, SYNTHOR dies, and restarts

Software version (blank if unknown):

Type (major or minor):

since, if you don’t ‘know’, then the crash will make you lose patch if its ‘unsaved’.

delete OUT module, then add BUS module.


Did you discover this in developing the MI stuff for SSP? Also, did you alert @bert to this? In another thread, you’d mentioned being in contact with him.

No, I noticed whilst creating a new patch - as I pointed out, this can be done from an empty patch.

I’ve just posted here, I think it’s important to have bugs open, so others can be made aware of issues and workaround if possible - in the absence of an issue tracker , here, seems to be that place.

I assume @bert and @celine monitor this forum.

I think a valuable contribution from other users would be to confirm they can also replicate bugs, using the steps provided - my experience as a developer is that multiple user reports , help to confirm the reproduction steps are complete/accurate.

Bert and I have a call coming up. I’ll mention it.

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I could reproduce this bug following your description.


@Handsonicsuki @thetechnobear thanks for reporting

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Also crash when replacing OUT or REV module with VST—have to delete module before selecting VST

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yeah, Ive had a few areas where swapping modules has crashed…
including as you say, inserting a VST module (crashes before even selecting an actual vst)

the issue, is mostly, when I tried to reproduce it didn’t happen the next time… (unlike reported issue)

I should say, this has been pretty rare though… I’ve do a lot of patching on the fly now, and only had it crash a handful of times.

so I just regularly, save the preset as im working on it ‘just in case’, no big deal, since it saves ‘instantly’.
(also means Ive got into the habit or renaming patches as i go along which is no bad thing :wink: )