Refering to Display shadow for Admin Bert

As I have talked about this issue with Bert here two more examples

now once more a foto of the stable yellow shadow on the display in the left bottom corner which is not nice ,

but I guess nothing can be done about it, have to live with it cause the display will not be replaced.
I don’t know, am I the only one who has this in the display ?

I didn’t say your display cannot be replaced, I asked you to post frontal photos of the display with the application running, and in normal light conditions and with as high a resolution camera as possible. I didn’t hear back from you on facebook with regards to my last question about photos. It is difficult for me to see if there is anything wrong with your display or not.

The display does have a backlight, so it is possible that there is some of that light reflecting somewhere into your display along the edges.

Lastly, the glow (if it is there) can also be the result of a power supply issue and not necessarily the display itself. Have you tried putting the SSP into a different case with a different power supply, or have you tried unpowering all your other modules, or have changed where on the bus board you connect the SSP?

One other thing to check is if there is a module to the LEFT of the SSP, which has green or yellow LEDs, which are emitting closeby. It shouldn’t be possible, but I’m wondering if that can be a source of the problem. So one thing to do is to remove any modules to the left of the SSP and see if that changes anything.

I am assuming you are using the cable that came with the SSP.


Okay thanks I just thought better now use the forum.
I didn’t want to express that you would not want to change the display, I just made this comment to myself I don’t think it’s worth the hassle as it’s more less a cosmetic / esthetic issue
Yes I think it has nothing to do with the power or surrounding s cause no other module aside and right powercable used
I think it’s part of the backlight edging over the LCD I have had this phenomenon with an iPad display sometimes it catches much your attention if you focus on and most times, working on sth, you would not pay attention.
But it’s always there just best visable on powering up when for a few seconds the lid up, almost black ( as much as LCDs can be) screen yet doesn’t display anything.
I don’t right now have a suitable cam here for showing the whole startup sequence in hi def but will follow.
As I said, I definitely can work with it and it has an esthetic aspect that I would prefer the „black“ background of the screen to be perfectly even.
Let’s take time to come back to that …

do you have a way to measure the current draw of your entire case, at the point where the bus boards connect to the built-in PSU? so we know at least in practice if the total consumption is close to the PSU’s amperage it can provide.

does the bus boards have green or yellow LEDs on them that are close to the SSP?

OK. Like I said the display has several different power supplies which are turned on sequentially during bootup so it can be an effect of that as well.

If you have more news let me know.

I think every screen in my studio has a variable amount of this… like 1% or so. Everything from a ton of eurorack modules to different pieces of pro outboard such as my H8000FW and separate remote.

Is it really a defect or just the nature of parts and light?

I’ve noticed the light bleed when powering on the unit right before and after the Percussa splash graphic shows up. I haven’t really noticed it after it has fully booted up into the main menu graphics but then again I’m not really looking for it either. I’m down for the night but will check tomorrow morning to see if I have the same issues as the original poster.

I have the same thing, I have enough power and no modules to the left of it. It doesnt really bother me, but I guess it depends wether it will become a bigger problem in the future.

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Mine is most notable on the lower LEFT of my SSP module.
I’m using the supplied power ribbon cable on a Pittsburgh 420 case that’s about half full.

Hi, after viewing this, I switched mine on for first time (ignore the missing encoder, one on its way) This is in its factory state, no updates. I am unable to see what you guys are experiencing. I will update firmware this evening and revert back if this changes anything. This module has its own power from a strom. Does yours have to be switched on a while.

Right, so updated firmware, I watched screen on boot-up, and the back light is visible more on the left side, on left side, it travels up further and more to left corner that that of the right light, but this is when screen is black, on normal screen, it is no way as prominent as the other above images. I will keep an eye on this and revert if this changes.

Here is mine.

Here are some photos from my SSP, in total darkness, using an iPhone 5S. Here are some facts to keep in mind:

  1. what you see in the photo, is much less prominent in reality when you look at it with your eyes. This is obviously because the lens and sensor of your camera have a different sensitivity to light than your eyes. I didn’t even see the backlight in the corner before this thread was created.
  1. every display has a backlight. This one has an array of white LEDs (I think about 24 of them). The LEDs are obviously distributed behind the backlight in a matrix. You might see them more clearly in some areas of the display than others.

  2. the display has multiple power supplies which are turned on and off while the SSP boots. So it is normal that you might see the brightness of the backlight change as it boots.

  3. when I designed the power supply of the backlight for the display I picked a conservative value for the backlight current, not putting too much through it. That way the lifetime of your display and backlight is extended, and it does not need more IMHO. The trade off is that the backlight might not light up uniformely in all locations of the display, something which is more visible when there are NO graphics on the display being shown. It is possible that the backlight would light up more uniformely if you put more current through it. You CAN override this on the back of the SSP using a solder joint. If you really want I can post the details, but if you make this change, you do this on your own responsibility. If you do not know what you’re doing, don’t do it, as you might blow up the backlight, display or the display’s backlight power supply.

  4. there is no brightness setting at the moment for the backlight. It’s controllable via PWM from linux, but that feature is not in the software. It’s set at 100% at the moment. It’s possible that the backlight might light up more uniformely by tweaking the brightness level. I haven’t experimented with this.

Conclusion: Your display is not broken. If it was, it wouldn’t be showing graphics, or the backlight would not be working. What you are seeing is the result of your camera’s sensitivity to the backlight of the display as well as the amount of light the backlight is emitting across the display as a result of the current going through it.

That said, If you would like a spare display for the future, you can always buy one from us. Just contact me through the site and we’ll take care of it.

the reason for that is that you have your office lights on, so your camera uses that as its reference light level, so the backlight of the display doesn’t even show up in the photo.

I know now, having unmouted the SSP after a while that this corner is too tied to the front you cannot impress gently the display here (bottom left) but you can at the other corners ,
Mr Percussa is it possible to losen a screw to achieve evenness on all corners of the display

I don’t know exactly what you mean with evenness, are you referring to the backlight of the display being brighter in some areas than other like you mentioned before?

Sorry, I (we) did and still do notice this corner backlight shine thru by my eyes ! Fotos were not made to prove but to show
And it’s typical if you press with your finger against the glass of of a larger lcd screen that in this areas the backlight shines thru (almost common sense)
So my analysis is right in this corner there is some mounting tightness to the screen which might be released by maybe a screw ?? Please try to check this next time you assemble another SSP

I doubt that there is a mechanical issue, I’ve by now assembled a lot of SSPs and it would have come up already during my testing. Every SSP is manually assembled and tested, after the boards come back from the factory, and the whole process takes significant time and is quite detailed.

I already explained here in the forum that the backlight is not running at full power. The reason for that is to avoid putting too much current through the backlight, which could potentially wear out the display quicker than necessary.

The backlight current was chosen such that you can comfortably read the display. If you really want you can bridge a solder point at the back of the SSP, to increase the current to the backlight LEDs and then you might have more uniform light distribution and more brightness in the backlight (because the LEDs might be lit more uniformly). This is however something we don’t officially support and not something we cover within our warranty.

This kind of answers disqualifies my analysis

I’ve got the same on brand new SSP bought 25/09 (ser no. #151) - light ‘creep’ or an area of ‘not jet black’ - bottom left hand corner about 3cm up and 2cm left to right graduated and fades away.

Yes if you press gently in that area the amount of ‘not black’ shrinks so my initial thoughts was around the mounting aspect of the screen. In fact if I press a tiny bit harder it almost all disappears. That must be a clue?

Mine has nothing around it, the right cable on the busboard connection right next to the incoming distribution point and at the moment on a single row of a Doepher LC9 with PSU3.

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For the record I’ve been in touch with Percussa and they have assured me that what I am experiencing is quite normal and nothing to worry about. There’s a trade off between some background lighting uniformity and life expectancy of the screen - yep, I’m happy to go for a longer life screen!

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