Recreate the sequencer

I love the SSP and I think it still has so much potential.

I think if the sequencer was redesigned it would vastly increase the effectiveness of selling and using this module. It has more then enough computing power to be a powerhouse of a sequencer.

First, what if the sequencer was somehow integrated into the record menu, or in the same way as the record menu have a separate tab for the sequencer. It should be easy to move back and forth from the sequencer to the other modules.

Second I think the whole GUI of the sequencer should be redesigned to be more easily programmable and musical looking. With proper sequencer transport controls and musical values to the sequence (note increments and rhythmic increments).

Third there should be multiple windows in the sequencer. A single track and multitrack. Where each window has different paramaters. There should be less steps at first as well and then be able to increase by increments and chain together sequences. A well there should be easily clocking integrated.

I also think there should be a shortcut approach taken to it for example like from the JJOS for MPC. There are a lot of buttons on the Percussa and it seems like wasted space to not make use of all of them.

Im sure there are other ideas as well.


Also being about to play into it via midi

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Are there any open source sequencers that could be ported somehow? How big of a job is it to code a sequencer anyway? Seems like a big job, but sure would be cool.

i would love to see a port of a tracker like the soft on NERDSEQ
or the VECTOR sequencer of five12
comes from the software NUMEROLOGY

that said, the step sequencer is rather ok, but the control is rather cubersome

why not go for a new one then?

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Personally I love the sequencer already, I can see where you a re coming from though.

Maybe it’s because I only had one sequencer before the SSP, the Audio Damage 1, which was 650 dollars and couldn’t do more than the SSP’s sequencer. (except some buttons for live use to repeat steps)

When I’m using the sequencer, I send the gate triggers G to envelopes, and the note triggers L to the microtonal quantizer. These signals then find their way out into my rack.

But for internal routing possibilities, there can be enhancements.

I’ve never used the recorder of the SSP before, but I understand that you want to be able to immediately sequence your recordings that you make on the fly?

Could you also use a sampler that loads your recordings, and access the sampler with the sequencer?

the sampler that loads your recordings (shortcut to sampler after recording) was asked/suggested long time ago, maybe something is in the works, who knows

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ssp definitely has the capacity to have an amazing sequencer. would definitely be a worthy addition.

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