Recorder recording & playback clutched

Bug description (state clearly and simply): a recorded ch in the SSP is not played back through that same ch

Steps to reproduce (use numbered list): record, e.g. 1 ch, ch 4 in the recorder, push play - you don’t hear nothing (even when ch 4 is activated as playback/out) // you can only hear your recording if you activate ch 1 for playback // that’s not really logical, if you record ch 4 -1 channel - you have to go to the output recorder to activate ch 1 for playback (??)

another thing, when you exit the recorder and go to your menu and re-enter the recorder, the patching is all clutched, recording the same channel as before, results in a 0ch wav file, which still plays back, but doesn’t show any wave form (on any ch)

Also deleting a recording and making a new one results in (the same) botched behavior

Software version (blank if unknown): 260820

Type (major or minor):minor

that seems like a feature rather than a bug.

I don’t always want to playback (or monitor) a recording on the same channel it was recorded on…

for input recording this is almost always the case, e.g. im recording on input channel 4 from my modular, but Id want it to be played back on my main output channels 1/2

for output recording, perhaps but even then its not always the case , since I use out 3/4 as cue output… so either
i) i might want to play a file on the cue channel (but was a recording of main)
ii) i might want to record the cue channel, and then later play it back on main (1/2)

but perhaps I’m misunderstanding your point?

it’d probably be better to put different ‘issues’ on different posts, otherwise things discussions will likely get confused.

yep, you’re misunderstanding

my monitoring & playback is patched to out 1 & 2 of the SSP
i’m talking recorded (input & output) channels here

so to play an input recording of ch 4, you have to go to ch 1 of the recorder and activate that respective playback outputs (1 & 2) - when activating playback outs of ch 4 (again, output 1 & 2 on the SSP), you hear nothing

these are all connected to one another so i think they’ll better be kept together

ok, I think i get the confusion now…

(lets just look at input to keep it simple to start with)

so on the UI you see 16 channels, each with their own display of the waveform
so when you record input 4, I think you are expecting that to be in ‘channel 4’
but its recorded into into ‘channel 1’ , so you need to playback channel 1, not 4.

but this is correct.

the waveforms you see are the audio channels buffer … they are not related to the input channel.
so if you record a single channel you fill channel 1 (regardless of which input you are recording), a stereo = channel 2. (quad 1-4)
this is not only the case when recording, if you load a mono wave file, it will always be in buffer 1.

it has to be like this, otherwise it wouldn’t make much sense (imho)
at the end the day, the recording you make is (e.g.) 1 ch, and its not tied to where its recorded from… its just a mono audio file.

I think there are two small ‘UI’ confusions here
a) +ch/ch- are is both changing the audio buffer and the input channel, so its building a false equivalence.
b) monitor channels.are being set according to the input channel. this make sense, but again it kind of reinforces an incorrect model.

sorry, thats probably not a very good description - as I admit this ‘disconnection’ between input source and audio buffer is not super obvious on the UI. it does ‘look’ like when you record on ch4, its into the waveform/buffer that is displayed - but its not.

yes, you are correct

a bit confusing that ‘logic’

so that’s for the recording/ playback monitoring/output setup
but the other issues are persisting

yeah… it confused me the first time…
I think when I tried to load a recorded wave file into ‘channel 4’… and it always loaded into channel 1.
then I realised it kind of ‘had to do this’… due to the way it handles multi channel files and playback.

that said, off the top of my head…I can’t really think of a better UI model for it, without getting it much more complicated, and splitting the playback onto different ‘tabs’…but even that whilst perhaps less confusing, would be probably not quite as quick to use.
so overall, once I understood it, I quite like it :slight_smile:

( one could argue this is where a manual would be useful :wink: )

tip (for others reading this)
when recording, go to ch N to arm it, but when actually recording go back to ch 1, so you can see the waveform recording… this avoid these confusions.
tip 2: MON option is for all channels! it’s not channel specific for reasons above.
(unlike arm, which is channels specific)

I don’t get this…
i can switch back to the patch, then back to recorder, and just hit RecI and it records again.

similarly, this looks ok to me…
again, I can just hit del , then do RecI again, and works fine

Note: Im on latest release 04092020, I doubt there is any related changes in it, but need to mention it JIC!

that is not a bug, it’s how it works, if you enable 2 channels for recording and record, then the resulting recording show up on channels 1-2 because you recorded two channels. the SSP records direct to disk as WAV file so there is no “project” or anything like that in a DAW where some channels could be empty. The recorder is not a DAW, and we cannot turn it into a DAW realistically.

like @thetechnobear mentions, please post these as seperate issues (after verifying they have not already been posted in the forum) and use the provided templates.