Recorder Menu Qestion

Am I correct in thinking that the recorder sums its inputs to output 1 and 2 and that you can only see the waveform in the output 1 and 2 scope. Or should I be able to see the recorded waveform on each input channel that I’ve recorded too? If So what am I doing wrong. I am mon and arm each track, plus mon 1 and 2 and playback 1 and 2.

Thank You

Okay the SSP just started working showing the multitrack inputs 1-16. I wonder what was stopping it from working before. possibly just a glitch? or does having the ssp run as your interface and multitracking into logic getting in the way some how. I would be interested to know for future.

i think there’s a button to enable multich audio

this seems correct to me… at least as far as Ive done it…

just arm as many channels as you want, then hit record
then when you load wav, it’ll show you each channel separately,
but in the info display, it will also tell you how many channels are in the file.
(along with sr,bit depth, size etc)

I’m not aware of any ‘option’ to enable, I can’t see one, nor do I remember enabling it - it ‘just worked’