Real-time FFT analysis

Description of feature (short and simple): real-time FFT analysis decoding of incoming signal into a number of outputs

How will this feature improve the workflow or experience for all SSP users (keep it short and focused):
Could we breakdown an incoming complex waveform, CV or audio rate, into a number of fundamental 1v/octave channels that if fed to sine wave osc channels can replicate original source? Something like how the Rossum panharmonium works? This could then output to a number of Osc to reconstruct the signal or be further manipulated etc.


great feature request
bonus for analyse / transfer those incoming into CV (too)

there’s an fft~ object in RNBO, so its a simple project to try yourself :wink:

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There would be a whole lot of learning I would have to do to get anywhere near doing it… :laughing:

Learning = Good for the brain :slight_smile:

alas… priorities… that’s what makes the system seem more responsive with limited cpu time.