Hi All,

The SSP is still very new to me, so working my way through documentation and modules with their various parameters and modulation options. I’m looking to see how I can generate some randomness within the SSP which I could then pass on to modulate a variety of things. Any ideas out to facilitate this? Thanks in advance. :grinning:

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Noise ( hint: plaits also has noise) , mix different waveforms from oscillators with different frequencies.
bare in mind ssp will automatically sum inputs , and you have offset and scale on both inputs and outputs, so easy to mix things in different proportions.

also it’s all voltages (!) so you can pass thing thru MTQ if you want ‘steps’ , or use filters for cv - so do the ‘unexpected’ :wink:

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there is a noise generator module in the SSP called NOI, and it has a frequency setting as well.

Excellent! - I shall begin exploring …

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Depending on the type of random you want, have a look at the Sample & Hold patch, posted here, and the the accompanying thread with some more ideas


Thanks! :grinning: I’ll look into that.