QVCA crash

Bug description (state clearly and simply): QVCA gets to “qvca” screen" and doesn’t load anything else.

Steps to reproduce (use numbered list): Yes this happens every single time on one of my presets. I simply load the vst in an empty slot, select the qvca with the encoder button, go into the P page, and I can see “qvca” screen but nothing else. Just “qvca” background with no other options.

Software version (blank if unknown): most recent

Type (major or minor): major. qvca isn’t working in this preset. Not only that, but i cannot “exit” the 'qvca" screen. no other buttons work.

It is working just fine, but you have to route signals to the qvca module in the grid or it won’t do anything. I provided a preset together with the update, put that preset on your card and load it up and look at how the qvca is patched to the LFOs.

The qvca user interface just shows 16 scopes, 8 for the inputs and 8 for the outputs. There are no controls to tweak. The module basically multiplies signals and outputs the multiplied result, and it does that 4 times in parallel.

When you are on the qvca in the network grid and press the P-page button you will see the qvca user interface. Press the p-page button again (as explained in the update notes) to bring up the user interface of the vst module again where you can load/unload plugins. This is how you “exit” the qvca screen.

Note that if you have a blank preset and put the VST module in it, and then go to the P-page, just selecting the qvca doesn’t do anything. You have to push the encoder to load it or press the Load 1 softkey. The Load 2 soft key is used for loading programs, after the VST plugin is loaded. The qvca plugin only has one (default) program.

@bert unfortunately you’re wrong buddy. I’ll upload a youtube video for you to see. it’s uploading right now.

In the meantime, you can certainly replicate this bug.

Load VST. DO NOT CONNECT IT. go into P page. select QuadVCA. Go into P page again… you will see a screen with no grid, that says “qvca” in lowercase letters. There is NO WAY to exit this screen. video incoming.

there ya go. you can see that it ends up in a dead end that you can’t get out of.

Yep, looks like if no connections are established before trying to enter the QVCA UI, it will halt.

This kind of thing is to be expected. Something as complex as VST integration is bound to have some bugs and bumps. The amount of work needed to get to this point is pretty staggering. These kinds of things are just little bugs that in the grand scheme of things are scarcely bumps in the road.

you are right, if you don’t connect any signal to the qvca and go to the P-page you end up in the user interface of the qvca module and cannot get out of it. So this is a bug. Thanks for catching this. I’ll fix this as soon as I can.

In the meantime, just patch signals to the qvca and you’re fine. At least one signal does the trick.

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@bert all good, that was the plan. Glad I could help forward the development. I’m very eager to see how many vsts/modules the community/you can implement into the SSP. I would much rather use the SSP than my alternative DSP modules. Looking forward to future functions!

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Has anyone tried loading the preset file, 006.pbp QVCA 30/7/18, when I try, system restarts. Thanks

Is the QVCA module in your plugins folder on your card or not? and are you using the very latest version of the software?

Hey Bert, No, I assumed it was included in the 03/08 fix, I skipped 30/7 update, do I need to back track? Thanks

I see where I went wrong Bert, it is in a VST folder, Doh!. Sorry

when the SSP software boots and it does not find the plugins folder it will create it. The QVCA has to be in it or it will not be found upon startup.

Still, if the QVCA is not in the folder, it should not crash when loading the preset, so that in fact is a bug, if it crashes in that scenario.

So if you can clear up what the problem was and if it is crashing without the qvca plugin in the plugins folder, when you load the preset, please confirm.

@bert, I confirm it was me, there is no bug :zipper_mouth_face:

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ok cool, thanks for confirming

Resurrecting this thread because it seemed most appropriate

I get the same frozen screen as the youtube video shows above. QVCA crash

I went to a blank module, loaded up Pvca and it loads fine. I enabled 2 inputs just for fun.
I click on the P menu to pull up options and it freezes on the qvca screen and nothing comes out.
I’m not sure why it says Pvca instead of qvca. Plugins folder is created and has the file name as qvca. Created 7/6/2019, maybe it’s an old file? Pretty sure I updated everything to the latest version last month. Currently the plugins are set to open as txt files using Notebook, is there a better app I could download to edit the SO files?