PureData VST through Camomile?

Did anyone tried to run PD patches with Camomile which generate VST out of them? I’ve already used it on Windows/osx but never on Linux and I wonder how it does look like on the Percussa and if it is easy to install on it.
Here is the link of that nice piece of software:


(I don’t have a Percussa yet, but I strongly consider getting one in the next few months, so I may have some other questions in the following days…)



the SSP is an open linux platform, which you can log into, and install other software on. You can find information here in the forum on how to do that. We cannot provide any support with linux itself, but if you are a normal linux user you should be able to figure it out. The SSP uses a debian stretch rootfs. All the audio/CV I/O is usable via ALSA audio drivers. So you could install pure data, or supercollider, or other software on the SSP.

You can also find info here in the forum on how to build VST plugins for the SSP. We have an open-source VST example up on github, which you can use as a starting point. It’s a quad-VCA plugin.

From what I understand Camomille is a VST plugin which can load PD patches. So if you are a capable programmer you should be able to make it load on the SSP using the VST module. Obviously there will be some programming involved to integrate / merge the VST example for the SSP with camomille.

Hope this helps.


Have you had a chance to try this idea on the SSP?

Im not really sure what Camomile would add…

I would not be that difficult to create a VST that could embed pure data patches, this is just a matter of interfacing your VST with libpd.

the reason Camomile would probably not ease that task much is because the effort is interfacing the SSP hardware with pure data.
this means sending the controls (encoders/buttons) to the lib pd patch, and also the pd patch being able to draw to the display.
this is not too difficult, I’ve done similar before on other platforms.

however, on thing to be aware of is… your going to need to edit the PD patch to make them of any use on an SSP. even if you did render the display ‘as is’ (which is unlikely to be satisfactory), you still need to handle the buttons/encoders and also the audio/cv input/output.

as i say, none of this is particularly difficult - I just doubt Camomile will help the task much.