Preset selection not working

per encoder no preset selectable

just after booting preset selection not poss thru encoder

Software version 26.8.18

mayor problem, I cannot select and push load a preset !!

Bug description : In G Page selection of presets thru sel dial not possible or only eventually

Steps to reproduce : after multiple reboots same bug

Software version : latest

Type (major or minor):major

does anybody notice the same ???

Can you be more specific? I have no problem selecting a preset using encoder #1 and then pushing it to load it.

Are you able to switch presets using the buttons “Prv Pr” and “Nxt Pr”? I did notice that there is a problem with the first encoder when you don’t have a lot of presets in the preset folder. I’ll work on a fix ASAP.

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This should now be fixed in software update Update 04092018 [BUS Module, SWI Module and SDL Module! Copy Paste Feature + Preset Selection Bugfix]