Preset help

How do I load in new presets from the forum ??

Presets typically come as a zip-file attachment.
Download the zip-file to your computer.
Unzip the archive. This will extract the actual preset file(s).
A preset filename looks like nnn.pbp, where nnn is the preset number - anything from 000 to 199. The number is the location where the preset will appear once on the SSP.
Make sure the SSP is powered down and then remove the micro SD card to the left of the SSP’s display.
Insert the SD Card in your computer / card reader attached to it. Your computer will mount the SD Card, which will appear as a volume / disk on your system.
The SD Card holds all relevant files for the SSP, including a folder named Presets.
Copy the the file(s) you have just unzipped to the Presets folder on the SD Card. Make sure that you rename or make backups of the presets you want to keep before copying.
Safely eject the SD Card from your computer and stick it back in the SSP (mind the orientation!).
Feed power to your Eurorack and once booted up, the presets are now available on your SSP.

Make sure that you have the necessary Plug-ins installed too, as some Presets depend on them. Plug-ins are easy - there is one combined file from theTechnoBear. This follows the same process as above. Unzip-the downloaded file and copy the plug-ins ( files) to the plugins folder on the SD Card.

Hope this helps. Even if the above sounds a bit laborious, it is very straightforward in practice.
Good luck.

Thank you very much !!..Gregg

As I follow along with videos, the preset 8Vwto and OB 4i4 imparticular soung "nothing like the presets in the video. It is more like a bunch of noise…Please advise

It is like some sample rate problem but all is correct with sample rates , interface settings on the Dante network etc…

All the
FM sounds are perfect…fmgr9,fmb, etc

I have a short clip of OB4i4 recorded directly into Ableton with the percussa as audio interface
If there is a way to upload so you can hear

The Presets that come preloaded with the SSP were developed with different OS/Firmware versions. Some Presets survived updates better than others. In particular the 8VWTO has multiple versions, under different names in the collection. and halfway through the way oscillator pitch is calculated and applied has changed. Unfortunately it is a bit of trial and error which of the Presets still work correctly - most do however in some shape or form. I guess it is all to inspire you to build your own creations from scratch. I suggest to look at the structure and try to rebuild the ones that misbehave.
Before you start - please ensure you are on the latest OS/Firmware - see my post in response to your other thread - and spend some time reading the forum. There is a slot of useful information embedded here. Good luck.

Thank you so much for your insight.