Pre select or -filter number of instances of a module

Description of feature (short and simple):
Limit the instances of a module to my needs before starting to patch
How will this feature improve the workflow or experience for all SSP users (keep it short and focused):
I would allow in/out lists to be ajusted to needs and make selection-lists substancial short, to achieve a faster workflow while creating a patch
(The reason I would like this is, that very often I struggle with this connecting lists which for me making a Patch makes it very hard…. and that for me keeps me away from this so powerful Module - making patches is the hardest thing) the forum might offer all patches that have been made in one corner- would be great !

There is such a corner already. It’s called Preset Corner. Use the filter at the top of the forum to select. The link is: SSP Preset Corner in forum
There are a few creations with explanations in there. Some may have been superseded / may not work correctly anymore due to firmware updates. Anyway, have a look - I am sure you will pick up a thing or two…

Im not sure I get this…
whats the underlying problem? whats your suggested solution? (whats it look like?)

I suspect the issue is with getting very long output lists.
there has been a ‘popular request’ (incl by me) that this could be improved by only including inputs that have been marked as ‘active’/open in the output list.

i.e. the workflow would be

a) associate modules
b) select target module, activate inputs
c) select source module, connect outputs to inputs

the reason this creates less outputs, is we only see inputs opened in (b)

however, I know Bert is not keen on this… since it means that you have to do the connection process in THIS precise order…
currently you can do a, b , c OR a, c, b, or even b, a , c …
and whilst this may seem ‘so what’, in fairness, depending on what where you are in the grid, it can be a bit faster to do things in an alternate order…

all that said, personally, Id still prefer only open inputs to be shown, and have a fixed workflow…
there are some modules with a LOT of inputs, and multiplying num outputs by num inputs just becomes unmanageable.

also, as a module designer… it means im reluctant to add lots of inputs, as I know this will cause issues with this part of the UI.

but I do get this is an ‘opinion’…
perhaps it could be an option… though its not always easy to make things like this optional, as often complications arise.

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if we could browse/skip through the inputs or outputs that would make things easier/faster
now you get input/module A with all its inputs (you can replace input with output here), then input/module B with all of its (possible) inputs etc etc

if we could browse/skip in one go from input/output/module A straight to the next module/input/output in the list (and so on) that would speed things up considerably

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