PLTS : Macro Oscillator, by TheTechnobear

I will keep exploring the plats… on another matter I was trying to use the Midi out module and can only get 7cc’s out… cc1 is not showing in a midi monitor app (mac)
And I can’t access it in touchdesigner… 2-8 shows up but not 1…

Really love that you made this module…thanks for that… and most likely there is something I missed…

lets not put all ‘issues’ on this one topic … there is a topic for midi tools too. :wink:

anyway when you do that can you supply more details.
how have you set it up, and what have you tried.
e.g. is CVA is not working, or really CC1
i…e. does CC1 work if you put it on CVB.

will the recent PLAITS update (6op FM synth, string machine etc etc) make it to the PLTS module ?


Source code is not available (yet?!)


So it means I cannot plug in the wav file into model and Upgrade to V1.2 well of course I can’t bcs the hardware reception procedure cannot be done in a software Plugin , right ?

no, first thing to understand is that PLTS is not an ‘emulation’ of the hardware, it cannot ‘use’ the firmware files that are released. ( this would be extremely difficult, and also very inefficient in cpu)

rather I use the underlying source code from Emilie, and compile/adapt for the SSP, so its 100% native.

this source code comes from here:

the waiting game…

if you look at above repo, you can see that Emilie has not yet updated Plaits with the new firmware, nor added Beads. She has said she will add these, so we have to wait patiently ( * )
I’ve obviously no influence on this… nor have any idea when this might happen… could be tomorrow, could be six months.

AFTER the source code is released…

I will then need to take a look at the changes and decide how to proceed…
its hard to say how many changes are required to integrate this new work, as it all depends on the changes Emilie made , and how they were made… could be anything from a day to a week (or two!).

the new file loading in particular will need very careful consideration.
it is highly likely the approach of sending the file via the input jacks is NOT the approach I will take,
as I suspect the code for this will be in the hardware layer, that I do not use.
its more likely, that instead I’ll use a file browser to load the file from the SSPs sdcard.
… so thats a whole bunch of new code right there, that I have to figure out how to put in the UI etc.

so we have to wait a while.
then once the source code is available, then I will have to find the time to make the changes required.

tl;dr; none of this happens by magic… it requires development time/effort :slight_smile:

( * ) to be clear, Emilie has been/is extremely generous to be doing this at all… so we should be patient. also she is in the process of winding down Mutable Instruments, so I’m sure behind the scenes is very busy tie-ing up loose ends etc - so priorities likely lay else where.