PLTS : Macro Oscillator, by TheTechnobear

Plts : macro oscillator

plts - a very versatile oscillator based on Mutable Instrument Plaits

Download : here

Documentation : here

Developer: TheTechnobear

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awesome :slight_smile: thanks for your hard work!

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Thank you very much, Mark - Plts sounds just great!


Thanks so much for your hard work! Just a quick question and i may be doing something wrong… Is the Plaits display meant to update when you get changes from CV? Right now i can hear the changes but the display does not seem to reflect them.



The parameter values don’t update within the module pages, but if you switch to the Network Page, you can see actual values of input and output parameters reflected in the scopes. Highlight the parameter you’re interested in.

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yeah as @titaanzink says, its intentional.

the display value is the ‘base’, and the cv is an offset.
this is true of all modules - like a real physical module

the issue with displaying the modulated value, is it makes it pretty difficult to adjust when its being modulated, since the value is constantly changing.
… i guess as some point, i could do something like subltly overlay the modulating value, but personally , I dont find it adds much to the experience.

No worries. Thanks again for the great work. It was more a curiosity thing.

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