Please contribute scale files

hi all,
i was wondering if some of you with a composition background could contribute some scala scale files for the microtonal quantizer, to cover a range of standard scales?
the scala archive mostly provides non-traditional (microtonal) scales so have a range of common scales would be useful.

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own (535 Bytes)

here are my first 2 own scales
first is equal12, so should quantize nicely & evenly across an octave
second is only whites (keys of a keyboard, that is)

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Right Bert, just had a go using Scala, and attempt at Major scale. I don’t have access to my equipment at moment so please test, let me have feedback. Major (254 Bytes)


thanks, i’m about the leave for superbooth, maybe @tiger001 or @kittyspit can give it a go

Minor mode Minor Mode - 2 (345 Bytes)


Harmonic Minor mode for major dominant Harmonic Minor (334 Bytes)

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I’ve generated a 86 ‘normal’ scales files,

normal ‘suspects’ include major, minor, gypsy, harmonic minor , hungarian etc.

however, I have some ‘reservations’ until I test them,
not because they are wrong… these are generated correctly from a set of proven intervals.
the issue is, Im not sure if this approach will work as people are expecting.
e.g. does shifting the reference achieve the desired tonic shift.

also how does this work, when we are using v/oct

there is some ‘nagging’ in the back of my head which says something here is ‘not quite’ right,
but Im finding it hard to say what feels wrong…

anyway, hopefully by putting these scales ‘out there’, we as a community (and I) can test, and see if in practice this can work as we expect.

if your reference is OK, then the scale (file) will do the rest
first tune your OSC to C4 or something, then get explosive

as discussed on the thread above, Ive now tested this … all appears ok, with some small ‘issues’ which I’ve forwarded to Bert.

12 equal divisions of (306 Bytes)
If it assists with your testing, done a standard 12 equal divisions of an octave scale started at 440hz, if you need some help doing scales, let me know, we can have scales with as many notes as we want in the octave, for example 4 notes, root, third, fifth, octave to cycle a chord and obviously add other scale modes in there, minor/major 7th for example. I did above ones I added in another program but as mentioned, not used MTQ to test but think I have now got a grasp of how to do the scales. Just ignore if this is of no use to you, cheers

Oops, i have now read other threads, just ignore me