Playing the Sampler module (sample mapping, or switching?)

Hi all. Since the Sampler module has 8 slots, shouldn’t I be able to play each of the 8 loaded samples from an external controller? So far, I’m only able to play the sample in slot 1 with an external controller (Sensel Morph). I noticed that the one example of the Sampler module in the factory presets uses a sequencer with a switch module inserted. I tried utilizing the switch module with the Sampler and MIDI modules, but no go. I’m likely just not using it properly, but how can I set this up with the SSP?

Thanks, Marc

yes, you can play individual samples… just use GATE 1-8

see my wiki for details : SAM · TheTechnobear/SSP Wiki · GitHub

you don’t need any switch to anything…

you are not clear exactly what you are trying to do, so hard to give advice,
but here are some common mistakes/gotcha’s

a) if you are using MIDI bare in mind it is monophonic…
so you need to use multiple instances, to use midi

b) multiple MIDI(s) → SAM
this won’t work as expected.

you have to remember that the SSP connects ‘module types’ not individual modules :frowning:
so if you connect multiple MIDI gate → SAM gate 1-8, this will connect ALL midi gates to all gate 1-8.
you cannot say which MIDI instance connects to which SAM gate input.

the usual way we deal with this is to use the BUS module.
basically, create multiple MIDI → BUS pairs, then one BUS → SAM

see my wiki on this here
(note: its more general about bus, but covers this use-case)

c) targeting individual samples
the easiest way to do this is using different MIDI objects with different midi channels.
(so you just set channel on MIDI module)

if you want to target by NOTE, then my SWAT module can handle this…

theres details on the wiki

so that was the GENERAL approach.

however, I also introduced the MTTR which makes this even easier :slight_smile:

and yup, you guessed it…
theres details of MTTR in the wiki.

generally, please can I ask that you check the WIKI in advance of questions.

I spent a LOT of time putting it together… gathering all the info
for sure, its not 100% every question, but does contain a lot of info.
also Id encourage the community to ADD to it…

sharing the info in one place is a lot more efficient use of my time, than answering (essentially) the same questions multiple times to different (new) users…
so its definitely worth the community investing its time and energy into.

Thanks for your detailed and informative reply, as well as your patience and kindness. Yes, I was just connecting one MIDI module to gates (and pitch) 1-8 of SAM. I’ll implement the changes you have recommended and refer to the WIKI.

Thanks again!

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