Pitch tracking module?

Description of feature (short and simple):
A module that will track the pitch of an incoming monophonic audio signal

How will this feature improve the workflow or experience for all SSP users (keep it short and focused):
Wouldn’t it be a handy way to do all sorts of interesting things using voice or any melodic input…


great suggestion, thanks.

There is already a zero-crossing pitch detector in the MIDI module, which shows the frequency of a signal when you feed it into the MIDI module input. It’s used for tuning your external analog oscillators.

I’ve been thinking about moving this out of the MIDI module into its own module, so when I get to that I might make it a more generalized pitch detection module with CV output.


I didn’t know about the zero crossing detect. in the MIDI mod!
I must try that out!

But, yes, a dedicated pitch tracker would be just brilliant!

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I don’t suppose there has been any progress on a simple pitch tracker?


Ive posted about this before, I think this is pretty difficult to achieve, as it’s pretty cpu intensive and frankly I also got pretty poor results.

its possible that the projects I tried may have moved on, and improved, but when I tried they weren’t particularly active… so would not hold my breath.

id also try a using fft/ifft in rnbo, but again it was similar, pretty intensive cpu, and not really the results that I wanted … it was kind of ok for effects, but not really what most would want from a pitch tracker.

Thanks for chiming in, TechnoBear!

I did read that other post about this a few days and it does indeed seem like a hard thing to do.
I also checked out Behringer’s pitchtracker and it is completely “unexpressive” i.e. unimpressive. I guess the SonicSmith Converter E1 is now the horse to hitch this particular wagon to…
Erica Synths announced a pitch tracker (Black Input or something like that…). But that was years ago and has also not materialised.

Oh, well… :slight_smile: