Pitch detection and tracking module

Description of feature (short and simple):

My whish is a pitch detection and tracking module which is not in the ssp yet. This would fit very good to the ENV-follower!
This would allow me as a tromboneplayer to controll some parameters with my playing. In fact this feature is a core argument for me to buy an ssp or not. So i’m a little trapped, because the feature is actually not implemented. Are there other poeple looking for this possibility? If we are many Bert perhaps will implement it!?


welcome to the forum! what you are asking for is pretty complicated, as pitch-analyzing and tracking acoustic instruments is a complicated research problem, and often products focus on just doing that and nothing else (e.g. guitar synthesizers). of course very simple pitch detection is doable but what you’re asking for is also tracking, not just static pitch detection. so it’s an interesting / good idea for a module, but not sure when I’d be able to look into it as there are other requests from other users as well in the forum for other features / modules which I have to give priority.