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We are currently preparing a new performance series called with great people. Please follow our official account @telecine.seoul for news and information about the performance that will take place in Seoul on April 29th. We would greatly appreciate your interest and also if you could follow us. Thank you :slight_smile:

Official: https://www.instagram.com/telecine.seoul

‘Telecine’ is a compound word of television and cinema, referring to the process of converting analog film footage, such as movies, news, and broadcasts, into video signals (nowadays digital signals) for transmission on TV(or Computer). It can also refer to the apparatus used for this conversion.

The term “telecine” implies the integration and transition between media based on sound and image, and is considered a concept that encompasses the interface and intermedia (̸c̸i̸n̸e̸m̸a̸t̸i̸c̸)̸ apparatus or condition.

Based on this concept, the performance series aims to explore the relationship between sound and image, and to present “live performance” works that can simultaneously revitalize (̸c̸i̸n̸e̸m̸a̸t̸i̸c̸)̸ apparatus and conditions in a contemporary context, using film as bait.

The upcoming performance on April 29th in Seoul is the first volume (Vol.1) of , featuring four teams with different methodologies and formats that are being prepared in the context of telecine.

We will continue to share new updates such as the lineup and ticket sales, along with the official poster, on @telecine.seoul.

Thank you for your interest.

*Logo by @gim.mik

*The translation from Korean to English was greatly assisted by ChatGPT.

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