Percussa SSP Quick start Manual

We moved the manual to the forum and are using the wiki features so everyone with a trust level 1 or higher can edit :slight_smile: This will also speed up the process of making changes to the manual.

The number of changes made since the creation of the wiki also appears at the top and by clicking on it you’ll get an overview of the changes that have been made to that page.

We’ve split the manual into several chapters, and we’re using hyperlinks to connect all chapters

Please feel free to contribute!

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Getting Started
Chapter 2: SSP overview
Chapter 3: Menu System
Chapter 4: Processor Menu and Modules
Chapter 5: Recorder Menu


thank you @celine !!

does this mean the PDF @ site is obsolete ?

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If there haven’t been any edits yet, I’m sure there will be, so my guess is that is probably obsolete, but I’d expect the crew to update the site periodically. Always a good idea to make the manual available without needing to visit a forum.

Thanks Celine!

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Great job on these quick starts manuals!

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Yes. It doesn’t contain the changes from the last couple of days anymore. I’m planning to replace the PDF with a link to the manual on the forum. This way everyone has access to the most recent version.

Making changes to the pdf manual, uploading it to the server slows down the process of keeping it up to date :slight_smile: Also, it is easier to link to posts on the forum… and of course now everyone can contribute :slight_smile:

Have you considered making a wiki page the forum could link to for the manual? It would avoid having to update a forum with info as well as parallel work on a PDF.

Discourse has a wiki feature, you can turn topics into wiki topics which can then be edited. So it is already a wiki basically.

We could of course run a seperate wiki software but that would split up the content in 2 different places, the forum here and then the wiki site, and requires running an extra server… I think we prefer to keep it here, until there is a really good reason not to? :slight_smile:

Whatever the least of work would be for you both, the better! :slight_smile:

I just acquired a Percussa from a KS backer. Is the PDF manual no longer updated?