Percussa SSP & Norns?

Recently gotten Interested in the Monome line again, particularly the Norns + Grids sequencing options.
Does anyone have experience with Norns Midi compatibility with the SSP? Ideally, I’d like to run norms as a sequencer into the SSP but I don’t want to pull the trigger on a DIY kit to experiment with if someone has already tried this with poor results.

Norns is a USB midi host so cannot be connected directly to the SSP since it is also a USB host.

(this is vital, USB hosts can only connect be connected to USB devices , and USB devices to USB hosts, never device to device, nor host to host)

so you will need something in between that allows a host to be connected to a host.
you can look for anything that allows 2 USB hosts to be connected.

iConnectivity have a few devices that allows this,
I also have something by sevillasoft which is neat and inexpensive -

the alternative , if you already have a usb midi hub , is to go via Midi DIN.
so use a usb midi to midi din cable, which are super cheap - then connect that DIN to your hub.

theres quite a lot of solutions, but its always a little but of a kludge. (*)

whatever you do NOT try to just directly connect USB A to USB A, at best it’ll just not work, but you could possibly damage either/both devices you are connecting.

at the end of the day it works fine - and actually you might find yourself needing the same ‘solution’ in other places e.g. the Organelle-1 required the same thing (Organelle-M doesn’t since it has TRS midi as well) . also if you want to get MIDI from your computer to the SSP, its the same ‘issue’.

as for norns… I used to quite enjoy it, but honestly tired of it pretty quickly.
It did get me more excited about supercollider, but I missed sclang support - lua was ok, but its not sclang. ultimately, I found the screen a bit limiting to for me, as was its IO - so ever since I got the SSP , the Norns has sat, gathering dust, in a drawer - and is unlikely to see the light of day again.

however thats probably a little unfair…
a) I didnt have a monome grid, and patches for those without grids I found was hit n’ miss… the best patches were almost always at least primarily aimed at grid users
so, I can definitely see for those that are already invested in Monome with grids and arcs - a fantastic way to leverage that investment.

b) I have the Organelle(s) which Ive always preferred, mainly becuase its got a keyboard, so can be really standalone, sit on your couch - and since its complete ANY community built patch will work on everyones Organelle. sure its an entirely different approach/form factor (pure data) but it covers similar ‘experimental’ music programming for my needs at least.
( I have supercollider running on as well… so its got me covered on that front)

btw : I’m 99% certain you could get a monome grid working directly with the SSP. which I think would be much more useful (to me at least) - but I again, I don’t have a grid, so dont look this way :wink:

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Thank you as always for the very thoughtful reply!

I’ll look into this a little further, see if anyone in my local groups has a norns they’ll let me borrow for a week or so to get a taste for.

Getting Grids working directly with the SSP is interesting… If there was a way to get the Kira sequencing script on the SSP I would probably die happy.