Patches shipped with 13072022?

My apologies for using the wrong terminology. This post was updated to better clarify the issue.

How many patches are included in the latest release? Mine shows a rough count of 19. Thought I heard there’s 60? (ref: Percussa SSP In-Store Demo + Q&A - YouTube)

Are these patches posted somewhere for download?

Flashing the SD card with same version shows the same patches so if it suppose to have more then something isn’t right with the current build?

@admins The software update procedure is a bit dated. For example, posted latest version number. Think it should reference version 13072022 instead?

visit and look for the latest software update (we always pin the latest update, so it should be at the top, at the moment this is update 22042019).


The firmware release has the Percussa modules embedded, such as LFO, STE, WTO, ENV etc. These are part of the firmware image and not accessible separately.

Additional modules, such as developed by thetechnobear, such as PMIX, CLDS, PLTS, SWAT etc are all packed in a zip file that can be downloaded separately (links here on the forum and wiki pages). Once extracted, the individual module files (*.so) must be placed in the Plugins folder of the SD Card.

The screenshot you have attached is a listing of preset files (*.pdp) i.e patched modules saved as a preset on the SD Card. These contain a description on which modules are used in the patch and their interconnections. They can be accessed on the SD Card in the folder Presets.

Hope this clarifies.

Yea, I saw that the original post was incorrectly stated so it was edited for better clarity.

Thank you your response.

you should always use the latest firmware, forget whats contained in other links :wink:

again, I point you to my wiki, this contains up to date information…
this is the whole point of the wiki, as forum information will always be out of date, its the nature of forums.

see getting started

the advantage of the wiki is that if you think something could be expanded on, YOU can contribute to it to help improve…
I think WE as the community have an important role to play here !

as for the PRESETS, as far as I remember, they were updated of the last release.
previously, the presets folder contained too many patches that didn’t really do anything… the ones left are ones that are used at trade shows, so actually have some value.

BUT presets and modular is frankly a bit of a misnomer… the point is to create your own.

my personal opinion is that presets on the SSP do not really help you learn to patch, like physical modular, its easier to write/wire a patch, than read/understand one that someone else has made.

The trick to the SSP, like eurorack, is to take ONE module at a time, and explore it… then move to the next one… (simpler ones first !)
this not only gives a reasonable path to learn, but just like physical eurorack (again!), you’ll find certain non-obvious ways of using even humble modules.

… frankly, this is much better than the instinct which is to try to patch subtractive synth voice, which is pretty boring in modular :wink:

Thanks for the quick reply.

As a newcomer with experiencing the product firsthand, there’s a little bit of a disconnect between what I received versus how it was positioned, (from a marketing point of view), which is why I’m search for answers here.

When I get exposed to new products like the SSP, (albeit it’s been around for a a few years), I try to accelerate my learning curve by leveraging others experiences vs limiting my scope to only what I know. There’s a bunch of smart guys creating some fantastic music and it inspires me in a variety of ways. How does that old adage go, you don’t know what you don’t know…

I understand your point of view around learning modular, taking it slow and to explore every aspect of what it can offer. And I’m OK with that concept which is why I dove into the world of eurorack, along with traditional gear…

The sounds produced by these devices inspires me and I enjoy the instant gratification, plus building upon or layering sounds is how I roll. Then I start peeling back the layers to better understand how they’re created and expand my knowledge with using them to suit my needs. Perhaps my workflow (or method of madness) is a bit backwards compared to those who are truly gifted but I get it, and try to push the comfort zone envelope whenever I can.

So, yes I appreciate the guidance as I embark down this brilliant path that Percussa has paved for me.

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yeah, I can understand that…

that said, it’d be interesting to hear,
what marketing point of view did you have? and where did this come from?

for me, before I got the SSP, I didn’t really find much marketing… what I did focused on ‘its raw power’ and flexibility, rather than talking about what it would be good for.
which frankly, I kind of didn’t really understand … for me it lacked focus. ( * )

however, last year, I helped Bert at Superbooth, and so got to talk to lots of people interested in the SSP.
and what I found was, what they wanted from it, did vary quite a bit… everyone liked different aspects, and had different ideas of how they would use it.
so perhaps marketing as flexible to do what ever you creatively want, is correct.

but of course, there is always a difference between marketing and reality…
one aspect here, is how much time users are willing to invest in learning the SSP, the more you put in the more you get out.

but going back to presets, of course, I do think there could be better ‘training materials’…and also some more examples to use ‘out of the box’
its a complex product, so learning it thoroughly will take a while, and thats not for everyone.

( * ) but as a developer, this was ok for me…
I understood its technical platform, so what it could do, and I know I could create my own plugins for it.
but of course, this is atypical :wink:

For those who are following along, I learned that most of the SSP patches were deprecated (which were primarily designed for trade show events and didn’t offer a lot of sound design value). No offense to the creators as I’m just the messenger :slight_smile:

Thank you @thetechnobear for the quick reply and guidance.