Patcher bug

Bug description (state clearly and simply):
sometimes when inserting modules and patching them together and enabling their inputs or outputs won’t cause a connection requiring the user to enable some inputs and outputs again, or it seems like some modules don’t generate an output signal when they should (e.g. envelope being triggered but not generating an output signal).

Steps to reproduce (use numbered list):
see above

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Type (major or minor):

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i’m currently trying to reproduce/find/fix this bug, when I have a fix I’ll post an update in the forum. Thanks to @Mercurial and others for reporting.

these bugs are now fixed in Fix 21092018 [Amp Mod / Env Gate / Patcher Bugfixes]

thx bert, as always - these updates can be installed even when previous ones where not and will include all previous (added) functionality?


otherwise i’ll add an explanation