Ornament-8, SSP, and a bunch of friends

Decided to give this whole YouTube thing a try…seems to be catching on :smiley: lol

Seriously, this really is my first YT vid. Ornament-8 doing a bunch of stuff, SSP doing a bunch of other stuff :slight_smile: On the SSP…couple sample voices, envelope follower, pair of reverb modules adding hella-depth to both internal and external audio signals, multitracking several other audio channels into the DAW. More description of other goings-on in the YT description.

And as you probably well know, the Ornament-8 is quite the interesting instrument, dictating the very “free form”, clockless path this dark little diddy explores.


great work! thanks for posting.


Very nice! Enjoyed that.

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Very atmospheric. Love it! And you’ve even hidden a good old Roland JP8080 in there!

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Haha yeah I sure did…it would be unjust to work on any sort of ambient piece without including it lol Thank you for the kind words (all who commented) and glad it was enjoyed!! :pray:t2:

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