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Hi Everyone!
I’ve got an SSP and feel like I’m scratching the surface of it s potential. The machine only has the modules that it came loaded with, new, meaning that there’s loads of updates I’ve not got.
I’m keen to get the best of the unit, so I’m wondering if there is a one stop update package that I can update the unit with, that will populate the unit with the greatest (subjective I know!), up to date suite of programs, all at once!?!?!
Please appreciate that we’re not all tech wizards, I’ve never attempted the update process, and (being honest) find the thought of trawling forums for info a little intimidating, but I’m hopeful that once I get into the unit, and have been through the process of updating, I’ll feel more adventurous; this is just a cry for help, to get me in a great position to explore!! Thanks all - really kind of you to read and consider the question! Ollie

you only need to update the sdcard with the update from the following topic:

once you are familiar with this, then you can download my plugins , details are on my wiki here:

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Thank-you very much for this, I’m going to attempt it now!
I bought a micro SD drive and downloaded balenaetcher app, so I hope I can work it all out.
I’m also really appreciative of your work in developing plugins, really can’t thank you enough.


sorry quick question… I’ve flashed the card, inserted it into SSP, and immediately notice (compared to the first version of software), graphics are very different in orientation and appearance, I would say that the original graphics looked more “polished” subjective I know, than those I see now. can I ask if this is down to my error? if I’ve somehow followed the incorrect procedure?? I did however see more modules than originally, but all the fancy graphics (which I do like), have disappeared, thanks!

There is no error on your part; the new look is part of that later update you flashed. There is detailed info, I believe where you got the update that explains it now if details.
Personally I prefer it but it is indeed, as you said, subjective.
Enjoy the plugins. Technobear’s work is a godsend here!

Thank-you for the reassurance, you’re right, it’s really generous of developers and contributors to spend their personal time making programs that we can all use to be creative, very generous indeed.

Getting this to work has been a bit of a slog, but slowly I’m starting to get to a better point of understanding… simply knowing how to flash an SD card, then knowing, once flashed, how to go about loading modules, onto the card, where to file them, etc… I thought you had to flash the card every time you wanted to add modules to the files, but apparently not, I’m going to try again now… it’s not simple, not to people less experienced with programming.

I’ve also found that there’s a power issue with the skiff I’d intended to use (Intellijel Pallet 62 HP unit), at least I think that’s the issue… the SSP powers on, then, off, intermittently but doesn’t boot. Weirdly - I put the SSP into my Doepfer Monster Rack (that’s not a pet name, they’re really called that…), and it works as I think it’s intended to… so that’s the next challenge.

Despite the time needed to get to grips with it all, the help of Percussa, Bert, Technobear, the forum, etc I hope I can get through the labyrinth of technical mystery, and start making music, I’m sure I will soon!

there might not be enough juice on powerup with the inrush current. What’s the PSU specs of that intellijel?

Regarding the graphics I am also curious - the sliders and big numbers indicating the values when turning the encoders are now gone for everyone with the newest update, right? I was afraid that something went wrong…

wasn’t that in particular modules only?

Hi Everyone, Thought I should let you know what I found out…
So, Intellijel skiff can’t handle the initial power-up draw, tried three different PSUs, this a buss board issue. So I ordered the 4MS 60HP skiff, no good, too shallow, they don’t make it clear that the standard is too shallow, they do an XL, that’s what you want.
I ordered the 64HP version, returned the 60HP model.
Worth remembering too that if you need a deck saver - I do because I travel with SSP - then that only comes in 64HP or larger…
Good news is that the 4MS unit handles the SSP, no problem, finally the system is working.
Thanks all!

P.S. Techonbears plugins are amazing! I could do with a model that fires out lots of gate’s for rhythm generation, and tighter envelopes, with rapid peak and a vactrol-like decay, the envelopes I’ve seen are to long and not “plucky” enough for firing at some of my outboard.

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odd, Percussa used this skiff at Superbooth…
its true the heatsink of the ssp will be very close (touch?) the bottom of the case, but thats ok, the case extends the heatsink :wink:

But I prefer the 64hp version, I leave 2hp either side free and means there is a nice air flow, so the front panel of the SSP stays nice and cool (even here in southern Spain!)

It totally fits fine in the pod60 unless the SSP got thicker since the one I’ve been using was made.

…Or the skiff got thinner… I spoke with Juno (UK retailers), about the issue. 4MS reduced depth of the 60hp, and introduced an “XL” derivative, meaning the non XL, is the new 60hp skiff (which is what everyone advised I should buy, post Intellijel), confused?! Good, I was too.

I tested the 60hp first, before returning it, to check power supply worked, I had to use washers in between the skiff and SSP, to clear the heatsink, it wouldn’t otherwise fit. It was a clumsy fix, so I swapped out for a 64hp XL, which is my recommendation to anyone thinking of breaking the SSP out from a bigger system as I did. Note: 4mS also do not automatically supply PSU, it comes separately.

Manufacturers do alter the spec of products, in order to add specificity to ranges, extend offers etc, this looks to be a case in point, pun totally intended.

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