One Shot Sequence - Self Patching

Here is a Tips & Tricks topic:

The SSP’s SEQ module loops by default. I wanted it to run through its sequence just once. This configuration could be useful for creating modulation patterns triggered by gate-on. Or to let it play a little melody when I press down a special key. This is one of the ways the Rossum’s Control Forge works or the built-in sequencer in some of the Dave Smith / Sequential synths.

In order to achieve this I thought about letting the SEQ module stop itself. I needed a method of module self-matching. The way to achieve this on the SSP is to incorporate the BUS module. Here is how it works:

I use the Gate 2 (G2) output from the SEQ module to indicate the stop-point of the sequencer.
First connect the SEQ to the BUS module.
The patching is:
SEQ G2 Output to BUS 1 In
BUS 1 Out to SEQ Stop In

Now every time the SEQ reaches the step with G2 activated, it will stop itself. For this to work you also need to connect a trigger input to the SEQ Start Input.

To illustrate this, I have posted a Patch in the Preset Corner.

Note that the method of self-patching via the BUS module can be used for many other modules as well.

Hopes this helps you to explore the SSP further.


yeah, this is a subset of ‘feedback’ patching… which indeed you can do on the SSP.
it’s worth noting, I think this induces (at least?) a one buffer delay. which can be important for audio signals, but less so for control signals.