Ofline preset editing

searched the whole forum but did not found it
i thought that @bert mentioned before how to edit the presets on your SD card on the computer, but i cannot find the procedure
popped the SD card in a linux computer, tried to open the default.pbp or the (e.g.) 006.pbp with the standard text editor or libre office writer, but these files won’t open
i just want to look at the list of current presets before i overwrite a good one with the ones offered with the software updates (or rename a current/new one to a preset number that is not in use)

you cannot edit the presets in a text editor, they are binary files

your card should just work in a mac or a pc, if you do not see the boot partition then you might be using an older version of windows?

the preset names are stored in the preset files. there is already a suggestion in the forum to use the file name instead as preset name. when we make that change it will become easier to manage them.

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