Ochtet - A suite of 8 modulation LFOs

Attached is a preset that is an octuplet of modulation signals, generated by 8 independent LFO triangle waveforms. The 8 LFO frequencies are quite spaced out and unrelated. On the Global page, switch to the Macro Controls. Macro 1 gives you frequency control of all LFOs simultaneously: i.e. they all go faster or slower, depending on the direction of the Macro adjustment. The same can be achieved by inserting a control voltage in Input 1.
In/Out assignment is as follows:
In 1: LFO 1-8 Pitch
Out 1: LFO 1 (fastest)
Out 2: LFO 2
Out 3: LFO 3
Out 4: LFO 4
Out 5: LFO 5
Out 6: LFO 6
Out 7: LFO 7
Out 8: LFO 8 (slowest)
Macro 1: LFO 1-8 Pitch

Original preset location is 056. The preset is named Ochtet.
Credit where credit is due: this Preset is obviously inspired by the Ochd from Instruo / DivKid

056.Ochtet.zip (9.3 KB)


I look forward to using this. Thanks for sharing it :pray:t4:

Here’s a video of of your patch in use. Thanks for sharing this. https://www.instagram.com/p/B8u3hv9BUNd/?igshid=1hkjh5nsmbr2j

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@CNTRLR Fantastic! Motivates me to share more…


I look forward to it. Keep them coming. I’ll share some patches and samples soon myself. I love this module. It has so much power and does so many things well.

Thank’s for sharing, very useful !