New Patches - Variations on a Shift Register

Attached is a group of three patches, where I have built shift register-like constructs.

Note that these require @theTechnoBear plug-ins too, so make sure you have them available on your SSP.

The Patches are saved to locations 86, 87 and 88. If you want to change those, just rename them with right Patch number before copying them to your card.

All Patches rely on CV Input on SSP Input 1 and Gate Input on SSP Input 2. While developing I had Mutable Instruments Marbles hooked up to these, but any CV/Gate keyboard or other generator will do the trick.

86 - Shift 1 Hocking

This Patch has 4 Plaits as sound sources and assigns notes played to these modules in a round robin fashion. Note that the MSW8 and a STE are used to implement the round robin assignment of CV and Gates. Only one Plaits plays for each note

87 - Shift 2 Classic

This Patch distributes the incoming CV across 4 separate Bus channels in round robin style as well, but each note’s trigger (Gate) is shared across all 4 sound sources. You’ll hear the latest note plus the last three historical notes played simultaneously every time you trigger a new note. Note that the incoming notes are continuously being distributed across the four voices. Each voice goes through the note 1-2-3-4 cycle, but with a different start note / position. Please observe the role of the SHQ which not only holds the CV value, but also quantises the notes to a particular scale.

88 - Shift 3 Lead

This Patch plays the new note on always on Voice 1 (the first Plaits) and the historical notes are pushed down to voices 2, 3 and 4. They all get triggered simultaneously. Just as with Shift 2 Classic, a chord sounds for every note played.V oice 1 always plays the latest note, Voice 2 the previous note, Voice 3 two notes back and Voice 4 three notes back.

Serving suggestions:

Instead of patching the BUS module in 4 Plaits modules, you can bring the CV/Gates (CVs on BUS channels 1-2-3-4 and Gates on BUS channels 5-6-7-8) to the OUT module and use these to play external sound sources.

Since Patches Shift 2 Classic and Shift 3 Lead trigger chords, have a play around with the Scale parameter in the SHQ module to determine the sonic character that works best for you.

Disclaimer - I have never played with a ‘real’ Shift Register Eurorack module before, hence the name Variations on a Shift Register. No proper emulation of a Shift Register is intended or implied.

Hope you get some use / inspiration from these Patches and Happy New Year! (135.2 KB)


awesome, thank you so much for contributing! and happy new year :slight_smile:

Fantastic. I have to sort out some power supply issues in my case and then I’m going to give this a try.

I was going to look into doing this! And now I don’t have to :slight_smile: Thanks. It sounds great, I finally get to hear the “arabesque” patterns with Plaits.

If I ever get into the groove of making VSTs, this would be on my list to convert into a module, so that it can be used inside another patch.